What is the technique of PD for the fast shipping batteries? How do they operate?

Help USB-C in the changing global shipment of smart devices in an amazing way, where has all the companies phones and laptop in large adoption of these approaches, the so-called ship the devices to each other, and all this thanks to what is known as Protocol PD for fast charging, which is short for “Power Delivery”, let us learn the details of it.

Power delivery equipped TVs

New standards

Was technology Quick Charge 3.0 to invent the amazing charge phones fast, where you can connect the 18 watts of power across lines USB data traditional, though not inconsistent with the standards of safety the USB-IF, but it does not work only with devices carrying Qualcomm’s processors, so you won’t benefit from a laptop for example, which applies the technique of PD also which is not supported by the Processor of the American company.

power delivery certification

On the contrary, increase the technology PD power levels to 100 watts, as they are also compatible with the standards of USB security, which opens up new possibilities to charge the devices larger devices such as laptop, aircraft, drones, smart home devices, despite a lack of experience with working appliances processors Qualcomm.

More power without compromise

PD charging, display connection and data transferBlitzwolf PD powerbank

Does not require charging PD any external equipment, for example, connect the tablet storage large outdoor to your computer for faster transfer of files, without the need for external energy, in addition to improved drag and power to the disk storage and any other device pulling power only during the work.

The power can be controlled by the

Macbook PD charging

Finally, it is important to be able to control the energy levels … not to find phones superior, as happened with Note 7, which helps the Protocol to the PD who works in a smart way that cross-compatibility with the standards of safety the USB-IF as we mentioned earlier, in addition to provide the way to flexible and smart energy management at the system level via the pivotal connections optional with the personal computer, which means the ability to charge your phone through the charger to your laptop. or vice versa of course.

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