What is wifi Direct and how to use it on a smartphone running Android

The list of features of our Android smartphones is quite extensive, and some of them can easily go unnoticed. Meanwhile they can be very useful. For example, virtually every smartphone has a Wi-Fi Direct function. A couple of years ago she made not a little noise, but today most people don’t realize. And in vain, because it is a very useful feature of your smartphone.

To begin to understand what it is. Wi-Fi Direct is a certificate of Association under the name Wi-Fi Alliance, which includes over 600 members such as Apple, LG, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Dell and so on. The device with Wi-Fi Direct thus compatible with each other regardless of manufacturer. This primarily tablets, smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras. Starting with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich all Android smartphones have this feature out of the box.

With Wi-Fi Direct you can create a wireless network between multiple devices. In addition, you can use Wi-Fi Direct in conjunction with, for example, Miracast for broadcast of images on another device. The latest generation of Wi-Fi Direct are also compatible with NFC.

In the case of Android-based smartphones and tablets, you can combine gadgets into one network and can transfer files quickly between them. The advantage of using wifi Direct over Bluetooth is that the range of frequencies Wi-Fi and the transfer speed is much higher than Bluetooth.

How to configure Wi-Fi Direct

Every Android smartphone that uses Android 4.0 and above, has the function of Wi-Fi Direct (with certain very rare exceptions). Although the user interfaces of the systems can vary, this setting is relatively simple and unified across all devices. Wi-Fi Direct does not support file transfers at the moment, so you will need to install a third-party application. For Example, Send Anywhere.

Unlike Bluetooth, the function needs no special button in the quick menu. Wi-Fi Direct will always work if you have a stable Internet connection. But this does not mean that Wi-Fi Direct enabled all the time. To enable Wi-Fi Direct, go to “Settings” — “connection setting” — “wifi” — “wifi Direct”.

Important: You must also enable Wi-Fi Direct on all your devices, or to combine them into one wireless network will not work.

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