What is Windows 10 in situation S?

Windows 10

Some computers that are running Windows 10, including desktop computer from Microsoft, come up with a “Windows 10 in the situation S.” where computers can in S Mode to install apps from Microsoft Store only. But you can leave the situation S, when you need it.

  • What is the S Modefor?

Windows 10 in the situation S is a system running Windows is more limited in S Mode, you can install only apps from the Store, and you can only browse the web using Microsoft Edge.

As Microsoft offers security, speed and stability here. Because Windows can run only apps from the Store, you won’t be able malware from the web from running on your device. It’s also you can’t install apps from the web, so they can’t install the startup tasks that slow down the process of operating or spyware that hide in the background.

Also used S Mode, web browser Microsoft Edge Bing as the default search engine. And you can change the default search engine from Edge to Google or anything else without leaving the S Mode first.

Also can’t for Windows 10 in the situation S the use of shells and the command line, like PowerShell or Command Prompt or Bash, as it there are many tools for software developers and other is also available. And you do not have direct access to the Windows registry via the editor of the Register also.

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If all the applications that you want to run is available in the Microsoft Store, the S Mode is the experience safer. This is the reason that pushed Microsoft in the beginning to put the S Mode for schools. Where you can run the Microsoft Edge & Microsoft Office and anything else available in the Store, including applications such as Apple iTunes and Spotify.

It is also similar with operating system iOS operating system, Apple on your iPhone or iPad, which allows you to install apps from App Store only. However, S Mode staring at the Windows apps available in the Microsoft Store.

  • The situation S optional , not hypothetical.

Longer S Mode in the Windows 10 optionally. Where come most of the computers that are running Windows 10 with the Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional Standard that allows you to run programs from all over the place. As Will the computers that are shipped with the S Mode it’s used to “Windows 10 Home in situation S” or “Windows 10 Professional in the situation S” in the specification of their products.

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Even if you purchase a computer in situation S, you can leave the S Mode for free. And it doesn’t cost you anything, but it read only one time once the output of the computer from the situation S, you can never re-put in the situation S once again, we don’t know why Microsoft is making the process unidirectional. But that’s what Microsoft did.

  • How to check the use of MODE S

You can check if you are using mode S through to:

  1. Settings
  2. The system
  3. About.
  4. In the About page, scroll down to the section “specification of Windows”.
  5. If you see the words “in situation S” to the left of the entrance to the range, you use your S Mode PC. If you don’t, you don’t use S Mode.

  • Do I have to buy a computer with MODE Sis?

Since it is easy to leave the situation S, there is a negative side to buy a PC running Windows 10 comes with the S Mode. Even if you don’t want to S Mode, you can change it easily.

For example, Microsoft is only selling the desktop computer the mobile in the situation S. But this is good, so if you are interested in a laptop running Surface running Windows standard, you can just buy it and show it from the situation S for free.

  • Do I have to use the computer in the situation Sthat?

It seems S Mode is limited, this is the point of separation. If you only need a web browser to the Microsoft Edge basic, and Microsoft Office applications such as Word, and anything else available in the Microsoft Store, then the experience of using a computer in situation S., providing limitations of MODE S additional protection against harmful software.

As can for personal computers that operate in the S Mode to be perfect for Young Students, Computers business that you just need to some applications, and also to computer users with less experience.

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Of course, if you need a program not available in the Store, you should leave the S Mode. But you can try to use PC in S mode for some time and how successful it was for you. You can leave the S Mode at any time.

Remember: while you can leave the S Mode whenever you want, the choice to leave the S Mode is a permanent decision. Once you leave the S Mode, will never be able to reset your computer to the mode S again. Will uses the operating system Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional Standard. However, you can choose to allow apps only from the Store on any PC running Windows 10.

  • How can you leave the S Modeis?

Leave the S Mode, open the application Store on your PC and look for “Switch out of S Mode.” It will guide your Store through the computer output of the S Mode.

  • What is the difference between the situation S and time Windows of 10 Sfor?

Starting update April 2018, solve the “situation S in Windows 10” Windows 10 S. and Windows 10 S are similar, but it was technically a “version” separate to the operating system Windows 10.

As can put most of the versions of Windows 10 in mode S. You can buy computers through Windows 10 Home in the situation S, or Windows 10 Professional, in situation S, institutions can use Windows 10 Enterprise in situation S. However, it can be only the manufacturers of the computer to put in the situation S. but is not charging most of the computers that are running Windows 10 in situation S.

Now, upgrade Windows 10 to issue the creators of Windows 10 Creators

Allows you to Microsoft also let Windows 10 S Mode without spending any additional money. So, if you need a program not available in the Microsoft Store, you can get it without having to spend any money. But plans Microsoft a fee of $ 50 for the operating system Windows 10 S.

After that will convert any existing PC with Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Professional in the situation S when you install the update April 2018.

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What is Windows 10 in situation S?

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