What is Zen Mode on OnePlus 7 Pro and why he should be in every smartphone

Smartphones are addictive, and although the dependence on today’s mobile gadgets — it is not something that can be treated from a medical point of view, it has long been clear that humanity has reached the point where smartphones (and technology in General) are so ingrained in our lives that it makes itself felt.

Earlier children spent days living and enjoying life, but now they are at the age of four or five years get their first smartphones. It’s a life that starts primarily with technology, and so the experience of using technology in modern humans ahead of the experience of interaction with reality. Friends with whom you communicate personally, often replaced with those with whom you communicate in the network. Of course, with this number your friends a lot more now, but is this normal?

Android Pie allowed us for the first time to get acquainted with the way manufacturers are trying to change our habits in the use of smartphones for the better, and this occurred with the function of Digital Wellbeing. Unfortunately, at the time it was just a variety of useful tips, not real action, but in the Android Q Digital Wellbeing has undergone major changes. Now OnePlus 7 Pro is us the so-called Zen Mode (the Zen Mode), and with it the function that, in our opinion, should be in every digital device.

What is Zen Mode on OnePlus 7 Pro

So what is Zen Mode? This is a feature that disables everything on your device except for incoming and emergency calls and also a camera for 20 minutes. Once you activate the mode, you will not be able to turn it off and it will make you live a real life, not again, as usual, hopelessly staring at the screen.

Of course, the mode you want to activate on their own, but that’s half the battle. However, users who have already used the new feature for some time, note that now regularly use Zen Mode, at least one time per day.

What is so good in Zen Mode

Personally for myself, I have identified a few scenarios where I would be endlessly useful to the new regime from OnePlus. First, when I Wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my smartphone for notifications. And suddenly, there’s something interesting on the other side of the planet in the night happened, and I don’t know it yet, who knows colleagues something interesting in a work chat wrote, and maybe a letter which the mail came. The whole process of awakening and duties at work usually accompanied by a large number of notifications that I mistakenly think is urgent, but in fact it is not. It was at this point I would include Zen Mode and enjoyed the beginning of a new day in a calm and peaceful rhythm.

Another scenario is when I’m in the middle of working day go out for a walk. As the whole day in front of my eyes is the monitor, and to be long in a sitting position is dangerous to health, sometimes you need to get up and walk, looking at the real world with my own eyes. During these walks, of course, notifications from your smartphone are still coming with the same frequency as always, and it is here that I could use Zen Mode to at least 20 minutes on what not to distract. Of course, you can activate “do Not disturb”, but in this case, it is still very difficult to resist and not to check your smartphone every few minutes.

Other great applications for Zen Mode

We all have habits that are associated with smartphones, from which you want to get rid of. Take, for example, dinner. When you sit at the dinner table, you might be tempted to check your phone. Parents around the world know how challenging it was to force your child to use at the table gadgets. In the presence of Zen Mode (or similar function) you can easily activate it and your children will be nothing left but to start there in this situation. This habit is easy to develop, but it has potential long-term health benefits. Eating slowly and concentrating on the food that you eat, you will eat less and faster to feel satiety.

Zen Mode is more than just one of the features of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Yes, this feature is only available in OnePlus 7 Pro, but I’d like to see it in Android OS by default.

Imagine that if you activate the function that will control your use of your device running any operating system and will show her a certain amount of time, exceeding which, it will block the device for 20 minutes. That is, it will not do it immediately, but instead will warn you that even after 30 minutes of using your device is locked for 20 minutes. Then it will make you better to monitor the usage time of your gadget to see if it is locked, it will happen at a time when nothing urgent can not happen.

It can also be used for any technology to which you are accustomed. Spending too much time watching TV? Your TV can lock you up for 20 minutes and get to work on something else. Same for computers, tablets and any other devices that lock which will not have potentially dangerous consequences.

And how would you use Zen Mode?

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