What made Google in the phone Pixel camera 4

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ماذا قدمت جوجل في هاتف بيكسل 4What made Google in the phone Pixel camera 4

Yesterday was the event associated with the U.S. company Google, as it has announced a number of new products, comes in the heart of the fourth generation of phones Pixel camera, what Google made in the phone Pixel camera 4.

In fact I didn’t feel any surprise during the event Google and specifically at the time of the announcement of the phone Pixel camera 4, the same phone was leaked almost everything about them a few months ago, including photos and videos, so much so that I reviewed the video on the internet spread by a few weeks .

The most important specifications of pixels 4

Through the presentation of Google, it seems that the most important specifications of the phones Pixel camera new it’s equipped with two cameras, highest quality sensor radar assistant default faster, and make Android 10 out of the box.

Enable a new feature based on radar technology users to browse the songs or the issuance of further orders by way of hand-waving over the screen.

Phones equipped with the lens close to the far distance and software optimized to capture nighttime images, in addition to providing insulation characteristically when taking pictures get the camera and .

Also one of the most important Matam announced it was deepening the integration of Gmail Assistant digital device to accelerate the response time and expand the scope of voice commands.

As Google made in the feature phone Live Caption, which allows conversion of the floor in any video taken on the phone to written texts, without the support of the Arabic language until now.

Will begin Street Fourth of the phone Pixel camera 4 from $ 799 for the size of 5.7 inches و899 per person size of 6.3 inches Pixel 4 XL .

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