What makes Media.net the best alternative for the AdSense Publisher?

When we talk about ad networks that provide publishers and broadcast ads on their sites and share the revenue with them, is AdSense the first choice and months.

But that doesn’t make it the only one of the millions of blogs and websites and forums and various Internet that rely on advertising to earn profits.

Maybe you’ve heard of before the grant Media.net or at least encountered, especially if you are interested in advertising paid in affiliate marketing or bringing traffic to a landing page of your own.

Anyway, in this article we will talk in detail about this ad network that works with advertisers and publishers alike, and provides for webmasters to broadcast ads on their sites and profit from them by clicking.

  • What are the Media.netit? Who is behind it?

Media.net are Indian companies provide a network of contextual advertising, which reaches more than 100 million users ‘ desktop in the United States, the company achieved a profit of $ 232 billion USD in 2015 and more than $ 450 million of ad spending.

On August 22, 2016, acquired the Chinese company Beijing Meteno Communication Industrial Technology Co Beijing-based on the Media.net compared to us $ 900 million.

Come more than 90% of the total revenue Media.net of the United States. The company has seven offices around the world, including the global headquarters in Dubai, and the United States mainland in New York City.

Founded Media.net by the Group companies, Directi, India, has entered into a partnership with Yahoo network, Bing ad to enable publishers to increase advertising revenue, and since then it has been described as an effective alternative to Google AdSense.

  • Huge stock rooted ads

Regardless of the language of your site and the keywords found in your pages, this area has a huge inventory of appropriate ads to visitors.

These ads appear on the clock to the millions of visitors around the world in accordance with their interests or their geographic locations and record their visit the previous.

  • The pioneers of search queries possible

There are two types of ads appear on the form of text, in boxes or lists by clicking on it is the visitors to specific search results on search engines in order to complete the process of search and access to the sites of the advertisers who pay money to bring traffic through this method.

Called these advertisements to search queries possible, which is of the achievement patterns of advertising on the network Media.net we noted that Forbes rely on these ads to the time of writing this article, which appear below the articles on the site.

  • Contextual advertisements appropriate to the content of the page

Have these network advertising many of the special techniques in targeting and display appropriate ads to visitors and customers, there is a technique smart and intuitive behind the targeting of their ads also. Algorithms Media.net constantly improving itself based on its ability to analyze the concepts of your content and learn.

After absorbing what you write about, and this is linked to content relevant advertising on each page. No more ads for a particular topic on a blog with a different theme, your ads could be sovereign, i.e. they are linked to your content, and therefore will add value to your writing rather than clash with it.

When you have relevant ads to your content, the chances of click readers as well as get the profits are very high.

  • Different forms of ads as in AdSense

There is nothing more degeneration of spoiling the user experience with ads gas appropriate which does not fit the scheme of your pages, what you are offering Media.net make experiences readers your smooth and good as possible is advertising in various forms responsive with the different screen and match the different spaces on your site.

Ads are integrated with content of a special character because their appearance and shape similar to your content, because of the similarity with your content, they blend in and give the experience of the people who consume your content, which increases the interaction with and profits.

In the control panel you can choose the AD sizes and styles that you want to use in your website, and weaknesses of a few you’ll get the code and include them in the right place to begin with network ads.

  • Patterns particular advertising and responsive with smartphones

When you sign up Media.net you’ll get guidance to help you create ads sizes and many types. Based on the performance of your account, you can also get the ad units customized for you, all ad units for your Media.net responsive, and without any hindrance or extra effort on your part, to any size screen or type of device. Not only their units display proper behavior, but also aesthetically superior to a lot of competitors.

Any Declaration of this network will appear on the browser in the computer and browsers, tablet computers and smart phones are attractive and beautiful and without cooperation.

  • Every Publisher has the Account Manager communicates with.

Of the biggest drawbacks of AdSense is the absence of the Account Manager or the person who you can communicate with him from within the company to solve some of your problems or call on the ads in your site and tells you some special tips to increase profits.

But this disadvantage does not suffer from it Media.net, providing each account manager can you communicate with your manager.

It does not matter whether you are the publisher of a small or large size. Every client receives from its clients on account manager, and can be a huge help for all beginners to improve income.

Offers you Account Manager suggestions and improvements that will increase the revenue and profits generated by your site, and you can communicate with them if you have any problem.

  • No conflict with Google AdSense

If you are using AdSense and want to experience the ad unit of this network on your site to see profits, nurses, or even to diversify the sources of revenue from your site, you might wonder, is it acceptable to use AdSense and Media.net at the same time? The answer is yes.

Reuters as well as Forbes and many sites giant and even small and emerging uses AdSense and Media.net with along without any problems.


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