What new features can users expect from Android Q

Did not have time for Google to release Android 9.1, as the Network began to fill the leaks about the features of Android Q, whose release is scheduled for mid-2019. According to currently available information, the update should be less ambitious than Android 9 Pie, and focus on enhancing ease of use. However, as shown by the survey conducted among the participants of the Telegram chat AndroidInsider.rumost of them just waiting for this.

Most desirable innovation Q Android is native support for dark themes. It was voted by 35% of respondents. According to them, Google should give users the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to see the interface of the operating system. And, considering the favorthat the dark theme brings out the battery of the smartphone regardless of type of display with which they are equipped, her appearance in the Android Q is strictly required.

Gestures in Android

On the second place in prevalence with the share of votes 23% were control gestures. As noted by the representatives of this category of respondents, the existing system of swipe do not ensure the convenience when interacting with the smartphone interface, and therefore needs to be revised in the next iteration of the OS. It would be quite good, I thought some respondents, if Google just copied the gestures available on the iPhone X.

Design Android Q

Updated design code of the operating system was the third in the list of most desirable innovations Android Q. 22% of respondents said that the appearance of the platform is an urgent need to refresh by redrawing it again. And although Google just made update brand application in accordance with the style of Material Design 2.0, it is time for her to think about how to move to new solutions in design.

About 15% of respondents chose as a priority the innovations Android Q enhanced protection against malware. Existing methods to ensure the safety of users, they believe, is not sufficiently reliable and, as shown, can miss even large-scale malware attack.

Update On Google Play

Interestingly, Google Play in its current state suits the majority of Android users and, in their opinion, needs improvement. For the upgrade of the corporate app store Google voted only 4% of respondents. Some of them felt that the developers of the search giant needs to make a catalogue interface less Intrusive, and some have come to the conclusion that he needed makeover-style App Store.

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