What people better recognize the emotions of dogs?

Dogs are among the first animals domesticated man — they are cohabitating with us for over 40 000 years. During this time they have learned to perfectly understand some words and gestures that recently it was proved by scientists from the U.S. state of Georgia. With all this, the researchers still did not know how well dogs understand the people themselves. To find out, a team of scientists from the Society for scientific studies of the max Planck conducted a rather interesting experiment, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Science Daily.

Than you are more Mature, better understand their Pets

In a scientific experiment involved 89 of adults and 77 children. They were divided into different groups according to age, a positive or negative attitude to dogs in the family and the presence or absence of dogs. Volunteers were shown pictures of people, dogs, and monkeys, showing happiness, sadness, anger and fear. The participants were tasked to determine the emotional state of people and animals. Adults were also asked to identify the moment when footage was made, for example, during the game or before the attack on another animal.

By the way, Max Planck, after whom is named the Society of scientific research is a well-known theoretical physicist. One of his discoveries can be read in the material "What is light?"

You see people and dogs to each other?

The results showed that the main mood of the dog, like happiness and anger can identify almost all people of all ages. Only here to catch the more subtle emotional pictures managed only to adult participants. On this basis, scientists have concluded that the ability to recognize the emotions of Pets comes with age. But the ability to understand dogs is influenced by several other factors.

Kids love to play with dogs but ill understand them

For example, researchers have noticed that people from families with a positive attitude to dogs animals is well understood, even if they were not Pets. This may be due to the fact that unlike people with neutral and negative attitude to animals, they at least have interest in them. In addition, they can interact with them at a party or on the street and with age learn better to understand the emotions of dogs.

And you know, what does a dog, when she screaming?

The fact that almost all the participants well-identified happy and angry mood of the dogs, the researchers explained in the following way. According to them, the ability to recognize two main emotions the animal is almost an innate skill people. Even if you think that it is not an innate skill, people can learn to recognize happiness and anger faster than understanding of such emotions as sadness and fear.

Dogs understand the words and gestures of people. No wonder they are considered our friends!

According to the author of the study Juliana Breuer, it would be well to conduct additional studies on the topic of human understanding of dog emotions. She wants to know more specifically what environmental factors affect a person’s ability to understand animals. However, whether conducted further research on this topic is still unknown.

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Dogs are very intelligent animals but British and new Zealand scientists a completely different view on this. In their opinion, people overestimate the abilities of their Pets, because they are slightly smarter than those monkeys chimpanzees. More information can be read in our material.

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