What Powerbeats Pro surpass AirPods

In early April, Apple introduced a new generation of headphone Powerbeats. Changes compared to the previous generation, gaining really a lot: headphones lost characteristic in the wire between the ear, has got the support of the feature “Hey Siri”, in addition, supplied with the new accessory now you can find the charger case. Can PowerBeats Pro to compete with the AirPods? At the same time trying to understand the author of the famous YouTube channel Unbox Therapy.

Before you begin unpacking PowerBeats, the author of the channel have noticed that the new headphones are much more expensive AirPods. The product is available to consumers for $ 250, and is, in fact, the premium segment. So the high price should justify the quality of the headphones and the package, I’m sure the blogger.

After opening the box, the first thing you noticed enthusiast, is the fact that the charger case Powerbeats Pro is considerably larger in its dimensions than that in the AirPods. Despite this, the charging case does not cause any inconvenience when worn — it can even be worn in the pockets of his trousers, than his own verified and blogger.

Package Powerbeats Pro comes with several nozzles of different sizes — this allows you to achieve the best fit in the ears and excellent sound insulation. Due to their design, headphones are very securely fixed — a chance to lose them, is actually equal to zero. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the AirPods. The author of the review believes that Powerbeats well suited for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

Go to the most interesting sound quality. According to the blogger, headphones are best suited for genres where there is a clearly pronounced bass line. These include Hip-Hop, modern pop, Drum and Bass. At the same time, classical or instrumental music does not sound so bright and alive, as in the AirPods.

Thanks to the built-in chip H1, Powerbeats Pro synchronized with any iOS device literally in a jiffy. If you want to connect to other devices — on the body of the charger case has a special button for synchronization.

Physical buttons there are on the headphones themselves: they duplicated blogger I am sure that it is even more convenient than tapping in AirPods: it is not necessary to remember which earbud is responsible for the pause or bring up Siri.

Conclusion as simple as possible — the reviewer is sure that the Powerbeats Pro will be a good alternative AirPods. But only if you prefer headphones with a pronounced bass, and you are not deterred by the price of $ 250 (18990 rubles in Russia).

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