What prevents the growth of Bitcoin? The analysts

2018 was a difficult period in the history of cryptocurrency. Over the past few months the industry has left many investors and even miners. To blame the falling prices of digital assets can anyone, but analysts trading platform eToro seems to have found the specific cause of the incident.

The main barrier that prevents the growth of Bitcoin — lack of knowledge among ordinary investors about the principles of operation of digital currencies. It is found out the results of a survey conducted by the exchange. It turns out that even in such market conditions, most investors still have a huge interest in the crypt.

Who needs cryptocurrency

So, of the 1,000 respondents, 69 per cent of people would like to learn more about the stock market and the principles of cryptocurrencies. However, they have not invested in Bitcoin or altcoins.

Three-quarters of the groups said about the lack of knowledge to start investing. In other words, the theme of the crypt is still at the hearing, but due to the lack of adequate and structured information about the digital assets investors are afraid to invest their money in the young industry.

Managing Director eToro Hai, Hirsch noticed a growing demand for consulting services associated with investing in the stock market.

Now on the market there is a large demand for information from reputable investment firms. They have a great opportunity to fuck with this a good advantage.

Source: NewsBTC

Among bought Bitcoin people 40 percent admitted that lack of knowledge had previously prevented them from investing in cryptocurrency. And although the Internet is full of informational resources on the subject, 73 percent of respondents among the Millennials have more trust in certified financial advisors.

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