What problem faced the owners of the gaming smartphone Xiaomi

April 13, the company Xiaomi in conjunction with startup Black Shark presented the same smartphone for gamers. The novelty had all chances to become the best solution in your niche if not for the negligence of the developers. Judging by the massive complaints first owners, the manufacturer was in such a hurry that he had forgotten about optimization and even pre-release testing apparatus.

As noted by the Chinese news site MyDrivers, the Black Shark users have experienced problems when interacting with the smartphone display. According to the victims, touchscreen very late responds to your touch, preventing not only a comfortable game, but even the more or less prolonged sessions of interaction with the interface.

It is believed that the malfunction of the touchscreen is caused by lack of optimization of hardware and software components of the smartphone. In any case, the possible shortcomings in the shell indicates the mass problem, which certainly cannot be evidence of a lack of marriage, as well as the manufacturer claims, exculpatory hastily issued a press release asking them not to worry.

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