What problems you encounter after the update to iOS 12 for?

After every major update to any operating system from expected and normal to occur some problems and errors, and in the case of iOS, we have approximately one billion device according to the statistics for Apple official, so the ratio of problems with the iOS update 12 featured we have seen some problems mentioned by the visitors of news apps after the update to iOS 12 and seen it on social media sites, forums and internet.

ما المشاكل التي واجهتك بعد التحديث إلى iOS 12 ؟
What problems you encounter after the update to iOS 12 for?

The problem of battery drain

The problem is usually suspected users after big updates directly, which are a temporary problem take your time then go away after days after the completion of the process of re-indexing and re-ranking machine and its application, but if there is a problem mainly in the battery itself.

The performance level of the mesh somewhat

Of nurses observed in the iOS system 12 stable relatively with respect to the application of basic installed on it and speed run it and its work as efficiently as we spotted that in a previous report we confirmed some are done through comments but we spotted some other problems such as the Settings app sometimes and reboot the device when you take a screen shot.

Participation in third-party applications

Third-party applications are apps and games that you download from the App Store, some of which have problems of compatibility with the new version iOS 12, so make sure you update all the apps and games to the latest version exists on the App Store to avoid such problems and recall:

  • Give WhatsApp sometimes on the iPhone X.
  • Give the Facebook app when uploading a photo or video.
  • Problem playing videos on YouTube.

Problems in the screen of the iPhone X

Bought some owners of iPhone iPhone X from problems in the screen display colors and it has become a quality view weak with the exchange inaccurate the company as compared to the quality of the screen before the update.

The problem of the lack of update for your device, basically

For several reasons: it may be your device is not supported update already, and it may be are installed on your device, and in both cases, you can’t install the update pneumatically over the phone. May be your device is supported with the update, but you shared in the program three and you have the beta version of the iOS system 11 and would like to install the final release stable, you must first opt-in pilot program in order to get your update.

To cancel the pilot program :
1. Settings > General > Profiles
2. Click on the iOS Beta Software Profile
3. Press Delete Profile

إلغاء البرنامج التجريبي
Cancel the pilot program

Problem in phone data or WiFi or Bluetooth

After the update you may notice that connecting to the internet via phone data is slow or not working at all, or you may find a problem in WiFi or Bluetooth, in order to solve this problem you can follow one of the following steps:

  • Restart the phone.
  • Put the phone in flight mode for 30 seconds then cancel it.
  • Reset the network settings through the settings : Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
Reset Network Settings
Reset Network Settings

What problems you encounter after the update to iOS 12 for? Tell us via comments!

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