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In the foreseeable future all Macs will switch to the processor of its own production, says analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. Massive change needs to take place in 2020. According to rumors, ARM-based chips will first go a portable solution – MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. No doubt, the transition from x86 to the mobile architecture will cause some compatibility issues. But in the long run, this decision is only right.

Intel was a key partner of Apple for many years — but in all likelihood, the cooperation would stop soon. And the explanation is that the chip maker is hopelessly behind the market and no longer offers the most advanced mobile solutions without compromise (which is only MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9, which is not able to run on the maximum frequency under continuous loads). The transition is long overdue and this is for several reasons:

  • The company finally getting rid of direct dependence on Intel. The manufacturer of processors has repeatedly failed Apple — in 2016, the company had to release a MacBook Pro with processors of the previous generation, in 2018, Intel detained energy-efficient chips Intel Core-Y, resulting in Apple was forced to delay the release of the new MacBook Air. And it is only those cases which are known to a wide audience.
  • Processors Apple is already dominating mobile solutions Intel in terms of performance and in terms of energy efficiency. In addition, ARM chips don’t require cooling, which is not about system on a chip Intel. The advantages are obvious — just look at this graph.

  • Manufacture of chips will cost much cheaper for Apple. Intel sets a sufficiently high wholesale prices for its processors. According to some estimates, the average purchase price for the processor i5-i7 can reach 250-300 dollars, while the final cost of the production of ARM chips would be only 60-80 dollars.
  • It’s safe to say that the chips Apple will be able to provide higher battery life — thanks to 7-nm process technology and tighter integration of hardware and software. The problem really is — modern MacBook Pro can be a stretch to call it “long lasting”. The most that you can expect in a serious work — 4-5 hours from the battery. Low rate, especially against the background of competitors.
  • Application from iOS to Mac. For the mobile platform is developed by a huge number of programs and games. All this diversity will be available on computers. In the early stages, this will solve the problem with the software.
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac — on a single platform. There is every reason to believe that development of applications much simpler. Moreover, the application will initially be cross-platform, thanks to the initiative of “Marzipan”.

Of course, the transition will be due to a few issues: how will be implemented compatibility with traditional programs? What to do with workstations and high-performance computers until a counterpart from Apple? How the company will solve these pressing issues, time will tell.

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