What protections Google has introduced in Android 9 Pie

9 Pie in the Android developers at Google did a great job to ensure the security of the operating system, made sure SecurityLab. In the process of developing updates were added new security functions and mechanisms. They are designed to protect the user from malicious attacks and hackers, to hacking the device and seizure of the personal, payment and other data of value to a potential victim.

One of the most important innovations was to support cryptographic authentication in the sandbox Application Sandbox. Its implementation restricts the ability of installed apps on your devices for the dissemination of the resulting data. Thus, one can provide a better separation of applications and respect the sensitive information that the software may obtain in the course of its “life”.

Security in Android 9 Pie

In addition, in 9 Pie Android developers by default, activated the mechanism Control Flow Integrity (CFI) and introduced the technology to Integer Overflow Sanitization. First, in simple terms, prevents the introduction of extraneous flow in the compiled code, thereby protecting media frameworks and components, such as NFC and Bluetooth. The second provides data protection against vulnerabilities, whose exploitation may be directed to memory corruption.

Of the more understandable user methods of protection note support for hardware recognition. This means that manufacturers of Android-based smartphones will be able to equip their systems of identification in the face without the need to write code for them. Another thing is that not all vendors yet were able to implement a truly effective identification technology based on hardware sensors.

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