What technology Face Match of Google and how you can stop it

Face Match

Technology Face Match one of the modern technologies launched by Google on its platform the main recently, this technique works by using the camera’s smart on your phone, through which you can share your video and view your photos and full details on the calendar and the other things that you can do it only by the front camera, in this topic we will explain what the new technology that Google has made its status and what interest them.

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On the Face Match from Google

Is a technique for matching the face, Google has made added to the screen of its smart Nest Hub Max, you need this feature to use the front camera for face recognition and thus to determine Of they are using screen smartphone from Google, it didn’t mean face recognition in the actual sense, but it is like facial recognition with nuance is that they monitor only they are using software face recognition through a Nest Hub Max .

Are you saying Google is watching you through that water?

Feature added by Google in the device Nest Hub Max reduce a lot of users fear that this will be the water intended to control the user, but this is completely wrong, where the purpose of the water is just monitoring say using the face recognition feature, therefore came property with a recognition of the Permanent on the face and every face, and thus, are not delivered by a face on the owner of the device like the other phones, it just always learn to face opposite him, and then stores this information, such as monitoring the number of using this technique only.

Do not transfer file definition of the face to the company servers Google?

There must be agreement on one thing, that all photographs taken for facial recognition, says Google stored and then processed on the screen of the smart for Google, but not on all file transfer facial recognition to the company’s servers, because the purpose of the water is monitoring to improve the product more and not to use this data definition the destination on the company’s servers.

How can you turn off the feature Face Match on your device

To prevent screen Google do store the file data of the face is necessary to perform the following :

  • Don’t enable water never.

In case you activate the water, do the following

  • Delete file profile.
  • Click on the turn off the water by need device.
  • Or you can switch the back button of your device which in turn adjusts the camera thus disabling this feature.


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