What to do if I start my Mac it says “Apple” and the system will not boot

After updating to the latest version of macOS , many are faced with the problem, when powering up your Mac operating system fails to boot – black screen with just “burn” familiar with Apple, but nothing happens. As it turned out, the problem is widespread, but it can be solved independently (although its causes are still controversial).

For clarification, we contacted Apple support, where we have provided detailed instructions to resolve the above error. First you need to turn off computer and again turn it on hold down the keys “cmd” + “R”.

Once the recovery mode has loaded, go to disk utility. If your boot drive is called Macintosh HD (the default), you will see that it is not mounted (if the name is different, you will also find this CD as it will be displayed as inactive). The drive first have to mount (click on “Connect” in the top bar). After that, make a note of the drive name (default disk1s1).

You can then exit disk utility and open Terminal. Enter the following command:

ls-aOl “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Recovered Items

The response to this command will contain the inscription “No such file or directory”. After a few seconds enter second:

disk1s1 diskutil apfs updatePreboot

In this case, Macintosh HD and disk1s1 is the name of the default disk. If you are called differently, instead of them to substitute their names.

Once the second command is executed, the computer to restart — it restarts and the operating system will load as usual.The solution helps to boot any system with the file system APFS. Most likely, the error is related to the update partition on the encrypted drive.

If you too are faced with a similar problem, write it in comments and our Telegram chat.

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