What to do if smartphone fell in water

Water is the main fear of smartphone owners. Of course, today, more and more manufacturers equip their devices with a moisture protection standard IP67 or IP68, the latter allowing for 30 minutes to hold the device at a depth of two meters under water. However, the budget flagship smartphone and some devices still do not have protection from water, so this material is dedicated to the owners of such devices.

If your device fell into the water, the first thing to do is to remove it. Next, you need to pull the SIM card and gently shake the device to the water in the connectors, could emerge. However, this is not enough.

To finally get rid of moisture, you need to take package or container with rice, put the smartphone and close tightly. Rice is unique in its ability to absorb moisture. After 24 hours you can try to switch the phone on. If it turns on, everything went OK, otherwise you need to leave the unit for another day. If after 3-4 attempts the unit still wouldn’t turn on, contact service center. You may also help ventilated with warm air room.

Never attempt to dry a smartphone with a Hairdryer. Do not place the device on the radiator.

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