What to do if the MacBook doesn’t recognize the fingerprints

All modern MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are equipped with a hardware chip Apple T2. The coprocessor performs a wide range of tasks, acting as a controller, internal encryption, and responsible for the internal processes of the computer. But, like any component in the system, Apple T2 is not without flaws. The co-processor at some point can take a failure in a module Touch ID and reading of fingerprints becomes impossible. Tell how to fix this error.

Even on a MacBook can cause problems

T2 Apple is developed by Apple brand coprocessor second-generation Mac computers. Its tasks include monitoring the internal processes of the computer, namely the management of the cooling system, provision of secure boot, encryption of drives, sensor Touch ID, FaceTime camera and internal sensors - the keyboard backlight, temperature and light sensor.

The problem

The fact that the Touch ID sensor is closely associated with the hardware Apple chip T2. All passwords and encrypted data are stored on a special section of the Secure Enclave, access to which can not get any one program.

The Secure Enclave uses encrypted memory and includes a hardware random number generator. The Secure Enclave provides all cryptographic operations for key management data protection and ensures the integrity of data protection even in the event of a security breach in the kernel. Communication between the Secure Enclave and the application processor is limited to mailbox, an interrupt-driven shared memory data buffers.

As a rule, the amount of data that can accommodate secure storage is strictly limited — for example, the system can only ask five different fingerprints. If the buffer is full the Secure Enclave, the user will encounter an error about exceeding the allowable limit. And have you had this problem? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

Error: exceeded the limit specified prints

But the catch is that this error can occur even if the system is clogged, only one fingerprint. What is the reason it is hard to say, but the emergence of this problem entails unpleasant consequences — given imprint ceases to read, and ask new is simply impossible.

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This error can occur on any Mac with Touch ID. The age of the computer, the operating life and operating system is not important. But the solution to this problem is.

What to do if the MacBook doesn’t recognize the fingerprints

To correct the error only recovery mode.

  • Turn off the Mac computer and then back on — – pressing the key combination Command + R.
  • Booting into recovery mode, you must run the “Terminal”. It can be found in “Utilities”.
  • Recovery mode

  • Enter the following command:
  • xartutil –erase-all

  • Reaffirm our intentions by typing “yes”.
  • Everything is ready. Left to restart the Mac.

We just cleared the secure storage of the Secure Enclave by removing all of the configured fingerprints. To complete the procedure re-configurable Touch ID. Check — everything should start working again.

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