What to do if they spill water on the laptop

If the laptop your innovative it is supposed to react fast, you must shut down the machine immediately, the detailed about electricity, and the battery. Don’t care to take the correct way to close it, press and hold the power button until shut down, and sites to keep your device off for a few days.

If your laptop is wet:

  1. Remove all parts that can be separated, such as a mouse and wires restore DVD and screwing with the flash.
  2. Open the device as much as possible and turn it down, and dry any wet surface with a towel free of lint. The type of liquid is important, instead of sugar more harmful than water, but in both cases the goal is to mitigate the damage by drying out the device immediately.
  3. You can now use the guarantee if you find, or take the device to an expert drafting.

If you don’t like it, you can try the following steps with your device, knowing that we are not responsible for any damage that may happen to him after dismantling, also opening the laptop new and remove components as in the past, it is very easy to damage when you disassembled, but you can follow the steps below if your device allows it.

Dismantling the laptop:

  1. Remove the battery pack if you have not already done so. Mostly this is done through the button to the bottom of the device.
  2. If you are worried about leakage of fluids to the parts such as memory and disc storage, you can remove them also. In some devices can be removed from the lower side, but in most cases you must use a screwdriver. With memory, click on the clamps side to take out all the nails. With disk storage steel, you’ll need to unscrew some screws to improve it, and make sure you unplug it from the wires connecting the power and data.
  3. Be sure to dry all components which have been removed, and if the liquid is not water gently wipe the components with a cotton swab with 99% alcohol to ensure the disposal of the viscosity, to evaporate the liquid without leaving links.
  4. Leave all the ingredients in a dry place for two to three days to dry, knowing that the fan speeds up the process of drying and using a hair dryer as it may cause damage sustained. After that you can follow the instructions of the previous versa for the installation of the laptop and verify that it works.

If the laptop can’t dismantle it into parts then you have no choice but to reach out to the service center, but before wipe the device upside down and dry any wet shows up in a towel. Then place on a large surface, preferably a large bag of rice to help absorb any liquid out of the keyboard and also put in a dry room filled propeller Kiev accelerate the drying process.

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