What to do in the summer? Response Ketchapp Summer Sports

Summer is the perfect time for sports. To perform exercises in the street without any extra layers of clothing, and absolutely safe for health. But if to pull and no power-UPS run Android Summer Sports. The game combines several types of activity and allow you to stay in shape. At least on the smartphone screen.

The game begins with training. The point is simple: the character runs alone, and we need time to press on the display. Click at exactly the moment when the hero runs a special yellow-orange zone. When we are in the yellow strip, the acceleration or the jump will be more effective.

Another option interaction — a long tap. The latter is useful for maximizing speed. Questions should arise as the training is extremely simple.

In game four types of activity: obstacle race, javelin throw, long jump and race bikes. The mechanics for each are similar, but still different. For example, if you run enough time to click on the display to set the speed and overcoming obstacles. In the case of jumps, we first dispersed with the help of prolonged depression, then tap just before the jump.

Activity gradually change each other. The player’s task is reduced to setting new records. In parallel, collect the coins that will be useful to unlock new clothing items in the main menu.

And though the game variety, passing it with one hand. The story is the same as with other products of the classic gameplay: the gameplay is simple but addictive for many hours. Therefore, Ketchapp Summer Sports suitable for everyone who needs a great time-killer.

App: For Android Summer Sports
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Sports games
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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