What to expect from Google at the game developers Conference and where to watch

Google for many years involved in the game developers Conference, and usually the company does it to present new opportunities for developing applications for their mobile operating system Android. Over the last couple of years, the emphasis of the conference shifted from social games on VR/AR games and apps. Recently, we told you about a new feature in Google Maps using augmented reality.

This year, we believe things must change, and it will happen because Google is going this time to dedicate the special attention to games, and perhaps even to present its cloud gaming service. What to expect from the presentations of Google at the upcoming conference where the presentation view, we’ll tell you in this article.

What to expect from this event

Back in October, Google and Ubisoft showed us that a full-fledged Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can be played directly in the Chrome browser. Then the company said that playing this way can be almost any computer running Chrome, and all your save games will be saved, no matter how many times you have not changed the device to start the game. During the beta test, as told by its participants, it was great, but then everyone involved just gave a copy of the game for PC and was sent home. Any comments from the companies this was not followed and it’s weird.

In truth, this is not the first time game plans Google seem to be kind of confusing and secretive. News about the test group working in the framework of the project entitled “Project Bigfoot”, have been circulating for many years, and new additions consistently cause a surge of interest in the network every couple of months.

Recently, Google has hired jade Raymond (Jade Raymond) to the post of Vice President is probably a game project. Experience jade Raymond is pretty big and when she was the Executive producer and one of the creators of the famous series Assassin’s Creed. Against this background, it is not difficult to guess for which direction was hired by jade. Also last year, the gaming industry veteran Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison) has come to Google for the post of General Manager.

In addition to software we also waiting for any “pieces of iron”. It in social networks often hinted the head of Google’s hardware Osterloh Rick (Rick Osterloh). Some users expect from a company that is similar to the Chromecast that can be connected to TV to stream games to it from the cloud. Some suggest that the new “piece of iron” will resemble a small console like Android TV. Also there is speculation that Google may introduce its own wireless controller, which can perform the functions of the hub between the TV and the cloud.

What about the games? Although we are unlikely to see any exclusives, it is clear that Google is serious. Ubisoft is clearly involved in the testing of gaming products Google, and recently it became known that they will be joined Id Software to show something related to their last DOOM. Back to the aforementioned company add designer game Tomb Raider Ralph Koster (Ralph Koster) and it becomes clear that the American search giant is preparing us for something really big.

How to watch the presentation

Like all events involving Google, this presentation will be broadcast. You can watch the performance right here or go to YouTube by clicking on the name of the video. The presentation will begin on 19 March at 21:00 Moscow time.

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