What to expect from Google Pixel Google Pixel 4a 4a XL

Google surprised everybody in 2019, releasing the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, more affordable version of Pixel 3 and 3 XL, respectively. These smartphones had some hardware and software premium devices, but offered them at a more attractive price. A number of insiders expect that the same thing will happen in 2020, but the search giant with great probability prepares Pixel 4a and 4a XL. But it will be for the device?

Google Pixel 4a. What would it be?

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When will the Google Pixel 4a and how much it will cost?

Price is one of the determining factors when buying

If you recall the situation with the release of Pixel 3a, it became available on may 8, the day after its announcement at Google IO 2019. And we can expect that history will repeat itself. We still do not know the date of the Google IO 2020, but most likely, the conference will also be held in the spring. From the point of view of how much you will pay for Google Pixel 4a, we should expect that the price of the smartphone may be lower than the Pixel 3a. Why? All just the Google Pixel 4 at launch was cheaper than Pixel 3, so that the same fate can be expected and the Junior model of the fourth pixel.

The return of the fingerprint scanner

Some users miss the good old fingerprint scanner

Google Pixel 4 has a fingerprint scanner neither on the rear panel or under the screen. Instead, he relies on facial recognition unlock. For some users this is a useful feature, while others believe it is unsafe especially with the recent news on this topic. By the way, we regularly monitor developments and the most interesting news from the world of mobile technology you can find on our page in Yandex.Zen.

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But I digress. The fact that the technology unlocking system using face recognition obviously requires refinement, and therefore investment in additional funds. At the same time to release it in its current form on the new devices is dangerous from the point of view of reputational loss. So, the appearance of fingerprint (especially given the fact that Google Pixel 4a should be more budget model) seems quite logical.

Improved battery life

Not very nice to constantly charge your smartphone

The main problem Pixel Google smartphones is that their battery life is always poor and loses the devices of competitors. Its solution in the Pixel 3a used a battery with a larger capacity in combination and a weaker, compared with the Google Pixel 3, processor. Obviously, the same trick Google can crank and with the new model.

The screen refresh rate to 90 Hz is not needed

What does the refresh rate to 90 Hz?

It should be pretty controversial proposal, but if Google is looking for functions that can be sacrificed in favor of price, the screen refresh rate to fit that role perfectly. At the time, like 90 Hz makes the picture smoother, much worse at a lower frequency it becomes. So the frequency of 90 Hz can be attributed not to the “vital” functions. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

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