What to expect from IFA 2018?

Many technological innovations have already been announced in the first half of 2018, but this does not mean that big companies have nothing to surprise us. Very soon, on August 29, in Berlin opened the annual exhibition of electronics IFA, which we are leaving tomorrow to keep you informed of all events. And also in addition to major presentations by leading technology manufacturers, we will try to find interesting products from less known brands, which on display will be hundreds. So follow our channel and website, will be interesting. And yet let me tell you about what we generally expect from IFA 2018.

Let’s start with smartphones. Despite the fact that the mobile division of Sony is not very good, they continue to churn out flagships. So it is reasonable to think that the company could announce the Xperia XZ3, which appears more and more rumors.

Judging by renderam outwardly the phone is little different from its predecessors. The device will retain the previous forms and shapes. In addition, no dual cameras, no split screen is not worth waiting.

Characteristics we get a typical set of flagship 2018: 845 Snapdragon processor, 6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB of built-in storage. Pretty conservative, but maybe the presentation we will be able to surprise with something interesting and unique.

Another novelty should be from the top of the line Huawei – Mate 20. According to preliminary information, the device must receive three main camera (something similar we saw in the P20 Pro). Moreover, from a design “in the style of the iPhone” has decided to abandon in favor of its version. All sensors along with flash will be collected almost in the middle of the device in a small square.

Looks peculiar, but it’s all a matter of habit, and most importantly, how to shoot these cameras. Most sources reported that the phone will be used similar to P20 Pro modules: telephoto, b/W the sensor and the main camera. But I hope that the company will be resolved and is not very popular black-and-white module will set wide-angle lens, on the same LG V30. Because the set of cameras will make the device just the most versatile solution for mobile photographers.

In addition to the unusual appearance, the smartphone should be the first product on SoC Kirin 980, which should also show in the IFA 2018. However, there is little chance that most IFA 2018 we will not see Mate 20, and it will take a little announcement, as was its predecessor last year.

Not only Huawei, but Honor is also brought to Berlin something interesting. I really hope that my hands will reach the recently introduced in China Honor Note 10.

Let me remind you that this is a massive 7-inch phablet with a top iron, a good “kit” of wireless modules and tempting price. So to see him live would be very interesting.

LG, like last year, will likely show us the heir to a very successful model V30 – V40 LG ThinQ. This time, the company will try to combine literally all of the latest trends, offering users triple the main camera, moisture protection, cut-out on the screen and facial recognition, thanks to two front-facing cameras.

And if the features are not particularly interesting, because they are quite obvious (Snapdragon 845, 4/6 GB of RAM and many GB of built-in memory), then the triple main camera attracts attention.

First, its design. It is an Amateur, and every producer in its own way is suitable to implement such a module. Secondly, the question arises, what will be busy a third module. Most likely, the company listened to users and added in a couple of chiriku and ordinary sensor telephoto. Such a decision would be extremely successful, “optical” zoom is never a bad thing.

The rest of the design of the smartphone should also retain common features with the previous models. Let’s wait for official information from the company and will try to quickly tell you all about the new product after the announcement.

Of less significant products should expect a new mid-level smartphone from the Moto model (X5), slightly simplified version of the BlackBerry KEY2 – KEY2 LE, if you still remember which company it is, and a whole scattering of various accessories of all brands. I will try to select the most interesting and unusual trivia on IFA 2018 to make a video about them.

In addition to smartphones we expect to see, oddly enough, the new smart watches and other kinds of wearable technology. This class of products in the last couple of years is almost extinct, but the major manufacturers have not abandoned the idea. And with the advent of contactless payments, meaning the same smart watches re-emerged. Information about specific models in the network special, but all the evidence suggests that it is worth to wait for something new.

About household appliances and modern TVs and not worth remembering, after all, at IFA you can see hundreds of different models, and the eyes just run away. But we promise to keep yourself in hand and tell you only about the most interesting.

Model range of laptops and PCs need to replenish fresh devices several manufacturers such as ASUS, Acer and Lenovo. As in the case of wearable technology, the specific models and specifications are almost there. In this regard, the company can keep a secret almost to the announcement. But definitely worth the wait for a new portable laptop, thick gaming laptops and VR solutions.

Last year’s launch of Windows Mixed Reality, and then adding official support Steam VR made “expensive and inaccessible” virtual reality is much closer to common users. So IFA 2018 can be a great platform for announcement of new generation of headsets. This is indirectly confirmed by the recent leaks with the characteristics of Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

So we definitely will have something to do during the whole exhibition. Wait for updates on the website and don’t forget to go to our channel there will be a lot of interesting things.

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