What to expect from the October presentation, Apple

This year, Apple decided to separate the presentation of the new iPhone and its other devices. And if the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, and Xr the iPhone and Apple Watch 4 we have already managed to see, the announcement of the new iPad and MacBook are waiting for tomorrow.

Even this summer, I prepared a material about the potential autumn novelties Apple. And, at least, the Outlook for the iPhone and Apple Watch confirmed. Let’s see what novelties prepared by the company from Cupertino.

iPad Pro

It is expected that Apple will hold a major redesign (for tablet) iPad Pro. The device will lose the Home button, and also receive thinner frame along the perimeter. Thus, the appearance of the iPad Pro will fit new iPhone (thank you without bangs). Recently, the network appeared the image, which is found in code beta iOS 12. And it confirms existing speculation.

As regards the technical characteristics, the new iPad Pro should come in two sizes: 10.5″ and 12.9″. They’ll probably get the Bionic A12 chipset, GPU, Apple, the magnetic connector for the accessories, system, Face ID, and reported that the tablets will be equipped with USB Type-C and not Lightning.

MacBook 13″

But if Apple and all so clear – they are the best choice on the market and still need not all, the possible heir to the MacBook Air is much more interest. In the network for a long time (since the beginning of the year, at least) there are rumors that Apple is preparing to introduce a new 13″ laptop.

It is possible that the new 13″ MacBook will lose the Air console, but this will essentially be his successor and he will remain the starting price tag at $999. But the main thing is he will get a high resolution screen and fresh iron (remember, the MacBook Air uses an HD display and Intel 2015). You can also count on an updated design of the device with thin frames and an even lighter weight (still 1.35 kg to date this is not a record for 13″ laptops). In addition, a transition to the USB Type-C/Thunderbolt as the other MacBook models.

Mac Mini

Well, the updated Mac Mini, many users are waiting longer than the new MacBook Air – 2014. It is quite possible that tomorrow’s Apple presentation we will be pleased and will introduce a new model Mac Mini. Naturally, she needs to get a fresh iron, and the ports of the USB Type-C/3 Thunderbolt.

What else can you imagine?

And can still show an updated iMac that will be equipped with Intel 8th-generation, the second generation of wireless headphones Apple AirPods, the new iPad Mini (though it announcement will be held in 2019) and never had wireless charging AirPower (or rather its modified version).

What are your rates? What do you expect from tomorrow’s Apple presentation?

The source: The Verge, 9t05mac

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