What to give on March 8? Tech gifts for girls

Coming March 8, and leave our favorite women’s gifts well, not. We suggest you not to be trite, and give not a perfume or a bracelet, and something really interesting and unusual. And, most importantly, useful. So if you haven’t figured out how to surprise your better half, we appealed to the desires of our ladies and have prepared a selection of gifts designed for various levels of wealth (and we still got promo codes to get extra discount).

Even if the girl always goes with the little purse often it need to have a more free space (e.g. the journey). So you can give her a backpack, but not the usual stylish urban option, and one that is impossible to quietly open and cut (nowadays, alas, very true). In this respect, better Design XD Bobby Elle, perhaps, nothing came up: its outer part consists of several layers of material that protect from water, easy to clean and able to withstand the cuts. The main thing is a special compact version of the famous backpack that was designed for girls.

The backpack not only has a padded compartment for a tablet with screen sizes up to 9.7 inches (Yes, right under the iPad), but the bottle holder, shockproof panel organizer and hidden pocket on the back. And even seven colors to choose from — pink will look great on the back of any girl.

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It is no secret that drinking water needs a lot, especially the ladies, but to control the volume of alcohol consumed is not always obtained. Therefore developed special solutions that help in this. Bellabeat Spring time. Thanks to special sensors bottle monitors the water level in the body of the user and notifies him about the necessity (push notifications) to replenish reserves, taking into account its weight, age and other physiological characteristics, which is very important for athletes and travelers. And the girls are known to love sports.

The calculation of the required amount of moisture produces the Bellabeat app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Just shake the bottle with water to activate the synchronization procedure and it will be sent to the smartphone information on the level of hydration. Set your own goal for water consumption, and the device will help to achieve it every day. Itself the bottle is made of unbreakable Tritan material that does not absorb odors and tastes, and its outer part is protected by a silicone casing, slip-resistant and improves shock resistance of the vessel.

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For concerns about the health of its second half, you can pay attention to the trackers from the manufacturer smart bottle Bellabeat. They are designed specifically for women: on gender predisposition is evidenced by the appearance of accessories that are more like jewelry than a device for tracking activity and health. It’s not a fitness tracker, as is commonly believed similar devices but rather accessories to maintain health. Even in appearance is noticeable that the manufacturer has made the Wellness tracker not only functional, but also stylish.

The main difference between the models of Urban and Chakra from each other is the way of wearing. If the first can be worn as a bracelet, and pendant or brooch, the other as a pendant or brooch that is not necessary to remove even before you take a shower. Both gadget is protected from moisture according to standard IPX6.

Connecting with the smartphone on which you installed the companion app, both tracker track information about the number taken during the day steps, cycle (menstrual), quality of sleep, sessions of activity and rest, and also makes on the basis of the received information, the conclusion about the level of stress. In the same app tracked all the indicators that collects tracker and smart bottle — in the end, you can gather information about the level of stress in General and on different parameters. Such a gift will surely be the delight of any girl.

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It is believed that growing plants be sure to buy the cottage, and then every weekend in the summer to go there, or to place cumbersome in the kitchen the pots with soil. But high-tech got to the garden — the manufacturers began to produce a compact “smart” gardens with electronic control system and even a built-in light. One such device is a portable farm Vegebox T-Box.

There are no ordinary land, it is replaced by nutrient solution. The system will remind you when to refill water to the reservoir and will automatically turn on and turn off fitolamp. You will just have to harvest. Vegebox T-box will fit on the kitchen table, shelf, windowsill or in the workplace. In this gadget you can grow herbs, flowers, vegetables and strawberries. If you don’t want to cook, you can always make a salad from their own harvest. Tasty and healthy!

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Speaking of salad! From XD Design is there a special set for salad Tulip, which is designed for fast cooking healthy meals. The set consists of a Cup with a lid for the preparation of dressings and two spoons for stirring. The glass is made of strong and durable steel that will not oxidize, and the lid and spoon made from lightweight polypropylene.

A nice addition would be a hole that acts as a dispenser when filling salad. The lid is a shaker special form, with which the salad dressing is mixed in. You can forget about the blender, mixer and other tools, just put all the ingredients in a Cup, cover and shake. The set is made to mix the salad without damaging even the most delicate of its ingredients. By the way, there are several colors to choose from. Very cool (and budget!) gift with the extra code will be even cheaper for you.

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And for storing the innermost give designer from Ugears in the form of a box with a secret. Like all the other 3D puzzles Ugears, the box is made of plywood and in its original form is sheets, where with the help of laser cutting cut carefully numbered parts. Gently squeeze them, study the instructions and start assembling.

As always, Assembly is not required a drop of glue and a single nail: all the tools and the tools are in the box. Well, except that sometimes need a hammer to hit, if the item doesn’t want to get into the groove. Just look do not overdo it: the veneer is very delicate and fragile material.

The estimated build time is 2-3 hours. The girl can be operated much faster (and you, as a gentleman, help her). Yes, and the process is so pleasant that it makes me want to stretch. In the end, it will have a very stylish box created by their own hands.

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More great gifts for your favorite you can find in the online shop of gadgets Madrobots.ru. Look for these and other gadgets in a special section with options for gifts for March 8. Discount promo code APPLE8 valid until March 15.

Gifts for March 8

P. S. and about flowers don’t forget!

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