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The weekend continues! Surely our Yandex.Zen you have already leafed through the morning, took a walk recently, just finished the book and decided on the show for the evening. It is time to slowly make yourself a Cup of tea with scones, to sit comfortably in a chair, and a couple of hours sleep in the tablet. What? For example, in races. Despite the fact that all week I have been working hard to release iOS 13, Android tried also not to forget, so was playing regularly arranging his travel, having to try six racing games that I decided to advise you.

Fragment from the game Horizon Chase

The contents

Real Racing 3: realistic racing game from EA

Publisher Electronic Arts continues to develop the segment of mobile video games and Real Racing — is another confirmation of this. Each car of the local fleet is not only licensed, but has, according to the developers of reliable speed, maneuverability, and other important characteristics.

Fans of auto racing will be pleased to find the game has 17 different tracks, more than 140 official vehicles of various brands from leading manufacturers, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ferrari and Lamborgini.

Classic PC games that you can play on your Android smartphone right now

Racers will be able to take part in a single race with bots and play online. It is fair to admit that any mobile game with impressive AI I have not met, and this is no exception. So anyone who likes to keep the game a challenge, I recommend just to go online. There are enough different modes like games with augmented reality in this collection, and drivers from among friends will be more serious rivals.

Real Racing 3 is not only an impressive fleet, but also great graphics, so make sure before installation that you have enough space. For the game requires 1.5 GB extra.

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Need for Speed: No Limits — classic for Android

Another racing game from EA, but this time arcade. She is quite old — came out already in 2015, but to the credit of the developers, still receives updates, the latest of which “flew” a couple of months ago.

Since we’re talking about the arcade, it is clear that there are no damage models and realistic physical characteristics to expect from her is not necessary. But the game copes with the task to provide a rush of adrenaline and help you should be cut. It features a story campaign about street racers, cops, career and all matters.

The toy weighs nothing at all, about 60 MB, but it has quite decent graphics, equipped with spectacular cut-scenes and in-game content available for purchase. Premium sets with spare parts and other required for small shareware games are also available.

Simple operation and training mission provide a low barrier to entry, the player with almost any driving experience. Good luck on the road, sucker!

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Beach Buggy Blitz: Kids race? As it is not so!

Beach Buggy Blitz is perfect for those who are tired of serious autostimulatory and endless cars with spoilers, carbon-fiber door sills and nitro upgrades. Only buggy, only hardcore! Beaches, sea, sand, cartoon graphics, coins on the track and a bunch of different gains.

Yes, those of you who have played Mario Kart, one of the best arcade racing series in the world, will tell you they Beach Buggy Blitz reminiscent of a cheap fake. From the part these people are right, but do not forget that the full Mario Kart on smartphones is not delivered, so in this, as in other collections, with the big share of probability will be his clone. The game is very popular. Still sometimes, for example, in this case, the developers well to copy not only the cartoon graphics of the racing game about Mario, but its other features. Hop, let’s go!

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GT Racing 2: the best racing game for Android

Like the previous game, this is created by the developers from Gameloft. But if the Asphalt project arcade, the GT — on the contrary represents a serious and realistic avtosim. Control is implemented using the gyroscope, the brake bound to the “tap”. The damage model is absent, but the glass in the cockpit view noticeable cracks and interfere with the review. There is a mirror and the ability to change the camera for a better view.

Featuring over 70 licensed cars from 37 manufacturers, 13 tracks and regular events. The game is constantly updated and gets new content. In the garage there is a possibility of upgrading, new machines can run on the tracks.

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Absolute Drift best drift game on mobile

Absolute Drift is a masterpiece from Noodlecale Studios, which is very different from other games of the top. As you can tell from the title, the game is completely dedicated to the art of drifting, to learn that is not so simple. Despite the fact that this game is worth the money. Only 200 roubles, and yet, not everyone wants to spend money on it. Which is a pity.

Unusual visual style, solid obstacles and the sides of the lined rubber on the corners, diverse, interesting and very challenging tracks. The game has the ability to upgrade cars, which you can then take part in the competition of three different modes, and challenges.

The game supports Bluetooth controllers, shows replays and draws not only the physics and the gameplay but also the music. All the action on the screen is very high quality and Kutovoy elektronschinu. If you are confident in your abilities and are willing to spend 229 rubles — forward!

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Now, when you already have plenty to choose from, the selection, perhaps it is time to finish. In conclusion, I would like to mention another racing game with fancy visuals, a great soundtrack and already hackneyed eighties.

The developers of Horizon Chase not only skillfully played on nostalgia, but were able to make very beautiful and original game. See for yourself! Despite all the beauty and quality of the game is free.

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To be praised for their racing trophies you can have in the telegram chat.

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