What was the last year for Apple in Russia

The company “eppl Rus”, through which Apple sells its products in Russia, has published its financial results for the year 2017. The performance was very entertaining. In just a year, Apple’s net income has significantly decreased by almost 80 %.

According to the published data, in 2017 net profit of the Russian representative office of Apple amounted to 1.28 billion. Thus in 2016, the company managed to earn 6.4 billion. Also during the year decreased and the profit from sales from 7.1 to 2.2 billion rubles.

With regard to the overall revenue – it increased by 23 % and now amounts to 151.9 billion. It says that Apple has significantly increased their spending to promote its products in Russia. However, on a global scale things are much better – the total revenue of American corporations in 2017 amounted to 229.23 billion against 215.64 billion a year earlier. Greatly increased and the net profit of Apple is up to 48.35 billion dollars.

Recall that the company “eppl Rus” was registered in Russia in late 2011, but the actual activity started only in 2013.

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