What we can phone Razer Phone 2 is?

When it was revealed that the company Razer specialized in the manufacture of products for video games to match personal and household running on a smart phone there wasn’t great enthusiasm for the phone which came in 2017 among a lot of other smartphones from different companies. But now we can say without doubt after seeing the phone and its features that premium phone and worth to wait for the new ones.

On the tenth of October wait to reveal the company for her new Razer 2 through the tell me special, and in this article we review the most important features that move it from the phone company dedicated for games new.

A larger screen with higher

Came phone Razer first screen of 5.7 inch, which is a good size but could be bigger next time. The company said using the LCD screen supports a refresh rate of 120 mhz which is feature be in the big screens dedicated to video games only and it’s great to see it come in a smart phone to become the games on smart phones more streamlined than ever.

Also suffered phone Razer Phone the first being the screen a little dark, in the light of the sun and even when you raise the lighting to the maximum wasn’t the screen clear best is a good problem solved this year in the new phone.

Better camera of the phone first

The idea of having phones dedicated games a very good idea but no one wants to go to be phones produced to evaluate the performance of only the person possesses a smart phone one wants the presence of all the nurses, so I thought to reduce the possibilities of the camera is not acceptable in any form. Certainly we can camera very special, when the advent of the cell phone Razer Phone 2 soon.

Internal memory worthy of the sizes of the games

When he came the first phone from the company Razer has succeeded in providing a RAM size of 8 GB, which wasn’t common at the time, and also made a distinct segment which will be replaced this year chip Snapdragon 845. But with these possibilities is possible, why come to the phone only with a storage capacity of 64 GB.

Certainly when we talk about games then at least wait for the storage capacities of the larger What can be offered, just as happened with personal computers. Despite the fact that the phone contained the entrance to the external storage capacity that the user wanted but it is not enough for the player who wants the best speed without a doubt.

This topic is what we can phone Razer Phone 2 is? Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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