What we expect from Mac system MacOS 10.15 new

We’re less than a week after the WWDC conference 2019, you’ll be Apple for new versions of operating systems, including iOS, 13, watchOS 6 and system MacOS 10.15, which is expected to carry a large number of features and enhancements, here are the most notable:


One of the nurses anticipated is the advantage of Marzipan. This is a technology from Apple that allows the transfer of apps to the iPad to the Mac, making the process of creating Mac apps easier for developers, where the company offered a preview of this technology in the past year, to move apps from news and product to work on Mac devices.

While Apple used the technique of Marzipan to bring the application of its own to the Mac, the developer can also use this technique soon to get their apps for Mac. In theory, this will increase the number of Mac apps available to the users.

Application of the new music

Expected that the new system provides a range of new applications for Mac. Although it is expected that most of them are created using Marzipan, but that the new system will include the application of completely new music after off iTunes.

Will promote the application of new music entirely new design focuses on service Apple TV for music, which has been observed in the last week through leaks. Where has been moved the search feature to the left side, along with the music library of the current user, the fun of browsing, and the app will keep some features of its classic such as the ability to sync between devices and in a general design similar to the application icons.

New apps for the podcast and TV

Apple recently launched new apps entirely for television systems iOS and tvOS, and will come to this app also for the new Mac. Will the new app, users have access to all the features of the TV application on other systems, there are different sections and each tab of the “Watch Now”, and “movies” and “television programs” and “library”.

With the launch of a new application for music, works Apple TV also on the application of the new podcast independent for Mac, and it is likely that this application is created using Marzipan, which means that it will remain largely similar to the development of Podcasts on the iOS operating system.

Application update books

In addition to the application of the new rule for the Mac, the application books current will receive a major update. Will include the application of the books of the new design of the side bar, in addition to the tabs office and store, audio books, and the sidebar access to the books and PDF files and groups.

Upgrades to apps messages and reminders

Are expected to update the Messages application Mac, and features such as new stickers and effects, this was the nurses first time on iOS since several years, the company introduced the system of Mac. In addition, there will come a new application for the changes to the system Mac, the design is similar to your operating system iOS.

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