What we want to share in the system hours Apple’s upcoming watchOS 5

Expected to reveal Apple about the new systems during the Annual Conference of developers WWDC 2018 June next, after which provide the operating system of the Apple smartwatch watchOS 4 for a few months now, we propose you in this section highlights the features that users want to see in the new version of the system watchOS 5.

1. Third-party applications for the existence of the former

Apple made the operating system of Apple watch 4 Many of the new faces of the watches, but and unzip the folder to developers we will see many innovations and different ways to customize the watch face as well as to provide hundreds or thousands of faces to choose from.

2. Improve the settings on the previous

Require hours Apple smart saver to a custom app on phone iPhone to change the settings of the clocks, including urgent applications to users is to provide settings within the same Arena without having to phone.

3. Screen permanent work

Require hours Apple raise the hand to activate the screen and see the time, but some users want the option to make the screen always active although this option would drain the battery more quickly unless they want to its availability in the settings of the previous is optional.

4. Improving the software

Often opens applications slowly on the Apple watch, may be this issue associated with treatment and the interior, but software improvements are also in the system watch or s 5 can make a difference.

5. Customize Control Center

Users want to get the Control Center inside the arena, similar to the control center available on any system or ABS is new, so you can customize it fully in terms of adding and removing shortcuts and the ability to re-arrange them as desired by the user.

6. More apps and better

System is available for the Apple watch OS on a small number of applications, and training users in applications provide more and better in quality than those available so far in the region.

7. Support Android

Wish to many users of Android Phones the acquisition of the Apple smartwatch, but Apple does not support the system that Google so far and the owner of my hours running on the phones iPhone for the preparation of the former, etc., so providing the system of the Apple watch support Android system would ensure that the apple of the millions of additional users and thus enhance their market share in the smartphone Arena.

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