What went Apple to make peace with Qualcomm

Settlement agreement between Qualcomm and Apple, which was achieved in the framework of the settlement of patent disputes between the companies, are quite costly to the manufacturer of the iPhone. Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf in an interview with The Wall Street Journal said that Apple will have to pay 4.5 billion to 4.7 billion dollars in compensation.

The head of Qualcomm underlines that only in such circumstances managed to meet Apple and terminate the long-term confrontation. Of course, such payment will be a single — in the future, the Corporation will pay royalties solely for the use of Qualcomm chips within 6 years of the license agreement.

According to the publication Bloomberg, to reach agreements on such unfavorable conditions the Apple, was only for one reason — the American Corporation learned about the problems with the supply of 5G modem from Intel. In the end, Apple had only two options:

  • Develop your own modem. However, it could take years for which Apple could hopelessly to keep up with competitors;
  • To make peace with Qualcomm.

Recall that the litigation between the companies lasts from the beginning of 2017. According to the statements of the chip maker, Apple has flagrantly violated the agreement, using iPhone several patented technologies in the field of cellular communication, and pays a much smaller royalty for the use of intellectual property than it was prescribed by the contract.

In the course of patent proceedings, the chip maker was able to provide Apple a lot of pressure. Only in the last few months, Qualcomm has been made the ban on iPhone sales in Germany and China. In addition, in March this year, a U.S. court ordered Apple to pay $ 31.6 million for infringing patents.

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