What will happen to Bitcoin exchange rate this week. Analysts

The new week began with subsidence of the market. Now painted in red almost all the coins from CoinMarketCap ranking, and the market capitalization fell to 314 billion dollars. More noticeable than others in the top dipped TRON and Ethereum, the cost of which fell more than 7 percent. The prospects of the market and Bitcoin in the next week, said the experts.

The Outlook is negative. Analysts admit weakening of the main cryptocurrency and falling below the psychological mark of 6 thousand dollars. It is reported RIA.

As noted by the analyst of “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov, last week the Bitcoin dropped 12 percent. The expert believes that the situation with the statements of the regulators of different countries. The U.S. justice Department reported on the investigation of possible manipulation of exchange rate of the coin, India has allowed the introduction of an 18 percent tax on operations to the crypt, and the financial regulators of Canada and the United States began to fight fraudulent ICO. Negative background reduces the market.

The head of the company Enigma and co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov believes the news background is neutral-positive.

And the conclusion about market manipulation, to get the small investors out of positions. Especially those who are sitting with the shoulder in the cryptocurrency. Earlier in the mass was pushing the idea that after the conference, the Consensus 2018 the market will go up. And, as we know, the big players earn small — that we now see.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

The experts shared and predictions of the course. The first version was voiced by Vladislav Antonov, he admits fall below 6 thousand dollars.

This week from may 28 to June 3, is expected to further decline in the exchange rate. The key support level will be 7 thousand dollars. If it is Monday or Tuesday will not stand, the downward movement will increase towards the level of 5,55 thousand dollars.

In addition, Antonov called the target level of reduction.

The news background is negative, therefore, the risks to go under the mark of 6 thousand dollars is very high. The first target level of a new phase of decline most popular cryptocurrencies will perform 6.18 thousands of dollars.

Nurtdinov supports this version.

The level of support is in the area of 6,5 thousand dollars.

The probability of resumption of growth persist. In case of positive scenario, the rate will increase to 8.5 thousand dollars. Of course, I hope for the latter.

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