What will happen to Bitcoin? Popular predictions for the end of 2018 more irrelevant

Many capturadora and enthusiasts hoped that by the end of 2018 Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies will increase in value, and then get a big way to celebrate the winter holidays. Throughout the year, we watched as analysts predict the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2018. Predictions were many, but today I would like to refresh your memory of a couple remarkable.

  • CEO of Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee back in July predicted that BTC will grow to 25 thousand dollars. It is quite a long and bravely stood his ground. But gave up and decided to lower forecasts to 15 thousand by the end of this year.
  • Founder and partner of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano earlier this year claimed that the Bitcoin price will reach 50 thousand dollars.

A tough year for Bitcoin

Most of the price predictions of Bitcoin in 2018, fueled by hopes for a repeat of Q4 last year, when the coin soared to 20 thousand. In addition, many really believed in the inflow into the industry from institutional investors on wall street who promised to prepare the infrastructure. However, the year was struck on Bitcoin and the entire stock market as a whole.

Perhaps the reason for the start of the bear market began fake headlines that Goldman Sachs is more not planning to work in cryptosphere. For the first time the rumors appeared in early September, when the price of BTC was $ 7300. Since then, the price was negatively impacted by the delay of the launch of the platform Bakkt, and the regulator is the SEC, who continually rejects the application for approval for a Bitcoin ETF. And this is not to mention the unexpected war of Harrachov.

Where will the Bitcoin price?

As they say on Ethereumworldnews, the graphs can predict the price, except that for the next few hours or days. However, when in the sphere of unforeseen events, the data cease to be informative.

Partner in Oracle Crypto Lou Kerner saysthat it is all the same that to predict the weather far into the future. However, he still put forward their assumptions.

1) Bitcoin will fail as a means of savings;
2) It will surpass gold as a means of savings;
3) He at least takes second place as a means of savings, after silver.

In conclusion I want to say that before the end of the month there are only three weeks, so we can hardly expect a significant growth rate. More data look at cryptodata.

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