What will happen to Nvidia due to the fall of the stock market?

Future income Nvidia will grow even despite the “disadvantage” of home mining. These results came representatives of the company FactSet. Previously, they interviewed several analysts on the subject of the demand of ordinary buyers on the GPU. This writes Cointelegraph.

To sell video cards is still profitable

The number of sales of GPU miners will drop due to the fall in the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. However, these losses Nvidia compensates demand from gamers and institutions with the server equipment. The company’s profit with computer players is expected to grow by 47 percent to 1.75 billion. While large data centers will bring Nvidia 740 million dollars.

Evercore analyst C. J. Muse agrees that the “scope of work data centers remains a profitable niche for GPU”.

We believe that the rumors about the falling incomes of Nvidia due to the collapse of the price of the cryptocurrency market is exaggerated. The company is strong enough to easily overcome all the difficulties associated with the digital asset.

We will remind, in may, Nvidia has published a report on sales statistics of major equipment to miners. Only cryptocurrency industry, the company managed to earn $ 3.2 billion for the first quarter of 2018.

A similar situation exists at the main competitor of Nvidia. About 10 percent of the profits AMD secured by the miners. However, analysts firms recognizethat the demand for graphics cards for mining is declining due to continuous correction of the stock market.

However, the trouble with Bitcoin does not affect the production of the new generation GPU from Nvidia. To first collect the coolest farm on the top-end graphics cards, visit our live chat.


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