What will happen to the snake if it gets bitten by another snake?

I think that it is not necessary to explain what can happen to humans by the bite of a poisonous snake, because of the unpleasant consequences of such events many people have heard. But what happens if a snake bites another snake? According to official science, snakes usually each other not attack. With the exception of snakes eating themselves like animals. Although cannibalism among snakes is quite rare, efiopiya (so called power snakes) were observed among all known cobras.

It is known that the so-called cabe-Cobra has the most bloodthirsty nature to their species, attacking mainly during mating.

The snakes have immunity to their own poison

Despite the sometimes unpredictable behavior, snakes are pretty handy survival feature – most of them have a natural immunity to their own poisons. It is understandable: if they have this quality, most snakes would die at a young age, accidentally biting himself while hunting. Maybe that’s why nature has taken care of a special substance in the blood of those same vipers that are able to repulse external toxins.

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However, this natural protection does not have all the species of reptiles. It is known that rattlesnakes have lost this very handy feature that has led to the fact that this kind of snakes is trying not to use poisonous teeth in fights with other dogs.

Despite the formidable appearance, snakes can easily fall in battle with their own kind

In addition, most snakes do not have any protection from poisons produced by their neighbors. It is known that a small but very poisonous snake EFA is able to kill with his poison of the Viper, as already mentioned above, the Cobra can easily deal with paralyzing venom any opponent.

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However, the main feature of a snake’s poisonous teeth, although a formidable weapon, but at the same time quite vulnerable animal. First, these teeth are easily broken, and secondly, when the annual molt, snakes shed together with the old skin and teeth!

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