What will happen with your photos, if you remove Google Photos

The Google Photos app is pre-installed on almost all smartphones running Android. But even if the manufacturer for any reason, replace it on your own, the majority of users still prefers to use program from Google. Last but not least thanks to the excellent features and functionality for synchronization. But what if you decide to switch to another app of this kind? What will happen to the photos? They, too, disappear? And if not, where in this case they are stored? Today, we’ll answer all of these questions.

Am I losing your photos, if you remove the app from Google?

What is the Google Photos app and how it works

The Google Photos app on Android (you can download on the iPhone, if you want) traditionally is a gallery app for viewing pictures with enhanced functionality that allows you to create backups of your photos in the cloud, edit them, make copies and so on. During the first run of the app, it will ask you if you want to keep a backup of your photos in the cloud. You can either turn on backup, or to continue to use the app exclusively offline.

When the backup function is enabled, all the photos on your phone will be synced to your Google account for which you enabled backup. There is another interesting thing related to the sync, allows Google Photos automatically sync (pardon the tautology) your photos on all connected devices.

What happens to the photos on the phone

If you use Facebook and instagram as an app to view photos and not included the configure backup and sync, then uninstall this application will have no effect. That is, no photo will be deleted from your phone as on Android and iPhone (especially because of the iPhone sync iCloud is responsible). You can use the preloaded Gallery app on Android to view photos. You can also install third-party gallery apps for this purpose. And which application to view and edit a photo do you prefer? write about it in our chat in Telegram.

If backup & sync enabled, as already mentioned, your photos will be stored in the cloud Google Photos. And next comes a very important point. If you did not remove the device from the Google Photos service, with your photos, nothing happens after uninstalling application. However, if you remove the device, you will not be able to access these photos on your phone, even from other apps gallery.

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This does not mean that pictures will be deleted forever. They are still stored in the cloud Google Photos. You will need to install the app again or visit photos.google.com to view these pictures. Here you can restore your gadget in order to synchronize with the cloud.

To remove Google Photos on Android

Quite a fun time awaits you if you want to remove a preinstalled app Google Photos. The fact that you actually won’t be able to delete it. You only disable it. But in fact it is almost the same, so we will not go into details. To do this, open the Settings app on your phone and go to “Applications & notifications” or “application Manager” (depends on the device model and OS version). Search for Google Photo, choose it and click “Disable”.

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