What will remain of the Huawei smartphones without American spare parts

Everyone knows that Huawei is to the bone, a Chinese company that develops, designs and manufactures their smartphones at home. But why, then, Huawei is so afraid of US sanctions and has predicted that they will reduce the sale of its electronics almost in half from previous indicators? The fact is that Huawei, like any other manufacturer, dependent on its suppliers, most of which are based in the USA. But whether Huawei can survive without American technology? Try to understand.

To begin to understand the extent to which Huawei-dependent suppliers. To do this, we calculate the solutions of any companies that refused to cooperate with her, she is in the production of their smartphones.

American technology in smartphones Huawei

  • Protective glass Gorilla glass from Corning
  • Flash memory from Toshiba
  • Network components 3G/4G from Skyworks and Qorvo
  • Google’s Android
  • Processor architecture ARM

The remaining components are mostly manufactured by companies who, despite the fact that are not Chinese, have no claims against Huawei and is not going to cut ties with her because of US sanctions. But what to do with the five?

Spare parts for smartphone Huawei

Instead of glass Gorilla Glass, you can use the Chinese or Japanese Asahi Dragontrail Glass. Their products are not inferior in quality to the development of Corning and is used in many top-end smartphones. Even Google has relied on the protective glass Dragontrail production for its Pixel 3a and 3a XL to reduce their cost.

Memory from Dell, too, can find a replacement outside of the United States or the European Union. For example, Samsung and Toshiba did not break off relations with Huawei, to produce a desired product type, and thus can act as new partners. Another thing is that Huawei can not arrange the fees, but given the volume of supplies that it requires, it can be assumed that the parties agree.

Because Qualcomm and Intel rejected Huawei after the imposition of U.S. sanctions, rely on their modems, the company is not necessary. But since she herself is developing a 5G-compatible modem, the problem goes there. And in extreme cases you can always turn to Samsung, which also is working in this direction.

Huawei Android without

To ensure the functionality of their smartphones, Huawei will require the operating system that is already in its possession. So even if Google at some point will shut off the smartphones of the Chinese company from Android, that will simply scan its own platform.

Remains ARM. In fact, it is not clear what Huawei will be able to replace the architecture that underpins almost all mobile processors. In fact, a similar development is in Russia, but it is inferior to Western counterparts as technology and computing power and energy efficiency. And since work without a smartphone processor is still not able, Huawei urgently need to do something, to be able to release a new model.

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