What will smartphones of the future? But!

Some time ago Andy Rubin, Creator of Android, published a photo, which depicted his new smartphone. Given that the first versions of his devices, sold under the brand Essential, went not very well, to say that he had to take drastic attempt to fix things, not necessary. He had to offer what he really sees as the future of the whole industry, such as in his time did to Apple. The resulting product was strange, but maybe really make a difference. Let’s deal.

The smartphone of the future may be so, but it will be uncomfortable.

The contents

New mobile Andy Rubin

Let me remind you, the novelty Rubin revealed on his Twitter a couple of weeks ago. While images of many surprised for two reasons.

First, there were rumors that the company will be closed after the failure of the first generation, which was expensive, but it was very mediocre. It was rumored that the company or closed, or sold. Some ”very well-informed analysts” even called their version the cost. The range was large, which once again emphasized the direct relevance of this information to speculation.

The second component of surprise was the look of the smartphone. Not to say that he’s just unusual. He is quite drawn to the title contest in the crazy smartphone. Indeed, it is more like the smartphone and the TV remote. The maximum elongated compact body not only resembles the mentioned accessory, but also makes you wonder what is so strange, that seems to be true.

Even the not so important technical component of the novelties, as a concept. But was this the first smartphone with such unusual proportions?

Sony Xperia 1

This summer, on sale Sony Xperia smartphone 1. We talked about it on our website. Then he surprised us probably even more than the Andy Rubin hypothetical novelty. Surprise was due to the aspect ratio of 21:9.

Sony Xperia 1, which is criticized because he is not like other smartphones. The reverse side of the coin.

The company attributed this to the fact that this screen is more convenient to run two apps at the same time, the tape in social networks appears more full, but still it is very convenient to watch videos in a cinematic aspect ratio. The last one was made especially great emphasis, as the filling is consisted of many decisions in this direction.

Briefly recounting the experience of using, if you clicked the link above, say that the smartphone seemed kremovatym only the first few hours. Then I got used to it so that smart phones seemed to me to be almost square. The only drawback in terms of ergonomics was that the smartphone due to its length not very well lying in the front pocket of jeans. The rest of the claims to it was not and I really started to actively use two apps at the same time. I bypassed this feature. Especially on Xperia 1 I liked to write and at the same time in the background to watch YouTube. All class!

Aspect ratio smartphone

If we forget about the simple keypad phones and smartphones first age, which was the same phone, but with some additional features, the first modern smartphone, had a ratio of 4:3. This was enough and we didn’t even know what the ratio might be different.

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Later, in the period of mass transfer to devices with an aspect ratio of 16:9, began to change, and smartphones. Under these devices, I mean the monitors and laptops. A considerable role was played by the mass distribution of widescreen video. The same YouTube, for example.

Then something worse happened. Samsung has rolled out a smartphone with an aspect ratio of 18:9 or, more simply, 2:1. Then everyone couldn’t understand why it was done and remember the old meme where the iPhone was shown in the form of a sword, and Samsung in the form of a shield, alluding to the development of smartphones of these brands at the time. But now everything has changed.

Galaxy S8 showed that a smartphone can be more elongated than 16:9. Commendable courage.

The appearance of the Galaxy S8 and the beginning of the so-called frameless era in smartphonetoday led to the explosive growth of screens in this aspect ratio. Even there are terms HD+ and HD+, meaning that the smartphone is on the narrow side of the screen has the same 720 or 1080 pixels and wide as much as he extrudes. As a rule, it was 1440 (instead of 1280 for HD) or 2160 (instead of 1920 for full HD), respectively. Then the values began to change.

What will be the smartphone of the future?

As we can see, at one time the growth of the smartphone was more for the factor of the diagonal. Now the vector of development has shifted a bit. Just a couple of years we’ve gone from 16:9 to 21:9. In fact, it is a very sharp transition, and users will still not against it.

It seems to me that such a vector can be selected in the coming years. That is, we will see more and more elongated smartphones. First, your hand will try Chinese. If the ”will fly”, then the cause will take Samsung. Well, if it all goes well, it will reach the conservative Apple.

Theoretically, a smartphone can be so, but this is unlikely.

Now I’m consciously not talking about foldable smartphones. The time of their mass distribution has not yet come, but they clearly are devices of the future. On the other hand, nothing prevents them to coexist with elongated smartphones.

Let’s think about what the cons may have this decision. The first thing that comes to mind is a very narrow smartphone that will be uncomfortable to hold in your hand. Partly this is acceptable, but only partly. We just got used to a smartphone, but use the same Xperia 1 was really convenient. Very nice when the finger can easily reach the opposite side of the screen. And the width is just a habit. Similarly, we get used to the narrow smartphones.

Since I don’t remember the first time Sony will say that they are separately noted at the presentation of Xperia 1 that the width of the smartphone should be around 70-72 mm. All of their latest models more or less clearly fit into this standard. This suggests that the study was actually conducted and ergonomics have been proven. In this section the smartphone ruby seems not so easy, as it is more narrow. But it is necessary to try.

Another disadvantage would be inconvenient display of content on a narrow screen. But it is also more a matter of habit than a real negative experience. Moreover, smartphones and so represent adapted versions of sites. Well, redraw them more and nothing bad will happen. With applications will be the same. Their interface is even easier to correct. But again! This will only be the case if the phenomenon will be widespread.

And here again finally new from Andy Rubin

Oddly enough, it would be more logical to make it an elongated smartphone gadget of the future. Two apps on one screen, they ask themselves in our ever accelerating lives. This elongated screens are very convenient. By the way, this was demonstrated by Andy Rubin in a tweet.

In the end, of course, the development can go in its own special way, which will be difficult to predict, but if the new Essential Phone will be released as we have already seen, other manufacturers are even more will want to copy this form of casing and screen. And then begin a new round of development, which has become so familiar and even indispensable to us, device.

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