What you know and do not know Apple you

Bother Apple, of course, the privacy data of their customers, and the general idea about this company they do not store user data, but the new analysis look at what you know and what you don’t know the Apple about you, as a user of its services.

Put the Apple itself as the major technology companies interested in privacy, and is in fact working to collect less data compared to its competitors. However, the American company know a lot about you if you use many of their services.

The company Axios conducted a series of analyses about what you know, technology companies are different from you, and brought to light so far on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, and now turned her attention to the Apple.

Use Apple’s two main ways to protect your data. First, aim to collect as little as possible of the data, whenever possible, and processing the sensitive data on your device, so it is not transferred to the Seraphim of Foreign Affairs, the company encrypts data as standard.

Don’t tell us the report of the Axios anything new, but it offers a good summary I didn’t know him and you know his Apple about you.

– The company’s servers

Data processing devices

Facial recognition data and insight: Apple addressing the most sensitive data on the devices themselves without transferring it to the servers external data, including fingerprints and facial features. So, don’t say Apple stores this data on the device, but the processor is not directly accessible even by the operating system, so all I can do operating system is an application of the encryption system Secure Enclave to get the authentication data input a yes or no.

Silence: is face recognition in photo applications on iOS devices and the Mac also on the hardware itself, not on the company’s servers.

Maps: stored your favorite sites and archives such as home and work on the device, and are linked to all geo-location data that is sent to the company’s servers with a unique ID, an anonymous ID, not the ID of your Apple TV.

Apple Pay: don’t store the company history of your transactions except for purchases of stores own.

Encryption of end-to-end – End-to-end

Messages and FaceTime: they’re both uses encryption from end-to-end, which means that Apple does not have the ability to intercept your calls or record them or trade them, even if the interface an order from the court.

Data encrypted yes, but Apple TV has its Enter key

ICloud: this is the biggest problem at the current time. Containing this service to backup all data on almost all your devices, despite being encrypted, however, Apple has the key. Which means it can detect data for the security services by court order, as leaves the data susceptible to detection of the personnel to the company, despite the fact that Apple has probably a great protection to minimize this risk.

Siri: is encrypting its data, but to decrypt it possible by the company for processing. As is the case with maps, arrange all the data Siri with a unique identifier in the servers, not with your Apple TV.

What are the data held by the company exactly?

Retain the Apple and dates of purchase for all products, physical and digital, in addition to the hardware. Including your purchases of music, movies, apps, and store and process this data to provide recommendations in the service affiliate, as the company has also access to the billing information and the address used to deliver these purchases.

Source: axios

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