What you should do when you download the value of three via torrent so as not to harm your device

With the launch of the first episodes of the final season of the value of three which is considered one of the most operas popular at all and most piracy so far, it has released Kaspersky security warning for users who rely on torrent sites to achieve the dream.

Because hackers exploit soap operas popular across the BitTorrent to evict malicious software enabling them to penetrate users ‘ computers, and of course the value of three on the top of the list because of the big popularity enjoyed by the around the world.

Showed the report to Kaspersky that the content of the value of three is responsible for about 17% of the Downloads are infected with malware, where it affected more than 20,000 users, and that through 2018, which is not made through any new episodes of it.

The report added that milk is the first and last of each season include malware, while the episode was titled Winter is Coming is the most dangerous among all the solutions, the throat opening of the first part.

Researchers have found 33 kinds of security threats with a value of three, which applies to the series of other مثلThe Walking Dead وArrow and the Big Bang Theory وSuits وThis Is Us, but to a lesser degree.

Now the best solution for the loop the value of then Without to learn the risk would definitely be via HBO publisher, Royal broadcasting rights is the most secure way, but if you don’t have problems in download episodes serial pirated, we recommend that you take some measures to avoid exposing your device to damage as follows:

  • Verify that you are downloading from torrent sites original, not replicated sites designed to trick users by the names of similar sites known.
  • Check the quality and safety of each loop through the information with their own evaluation and comments from within the site the torrent itself.
  • Check that the Rings serial to download download extension video like MP4 does not contain any files with extensions .exe or other executables like.

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