What’s going on? Russian smartphone market may be left without small producers

In 2018 the already not the richest brands on the Russian market of smartphones supplanted the small producers, which won more major market players. Such data led analysts of the consulting company IDC. At the beginning of 2019, the total percentage of such vendors as Motorola, Philips, LG, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Meizu and Irbis, the former dropped from 24 to 9%, becoming the best litmus test, reflecting the preferences of Russians.

Now in the domestic market has formed a clear fourth. In the first place by number of smartphones sold is located Samsung with a share of 26%, followed by Huawei and its Honor sub-brand that captured 21% market share, in the third place is Apple with its 16%, and the fourth – breathable in the back of Apple Xiaomi, earned 14%.

The best manufacturers of smartphones

These vendors not only do not let yourself to beginners, but, on the contrary, oppress those who once claimed to be their place, for example, LG and Sony, which previously was considered the brands of the first echelon, and now almost forgotten by the majority of users.

Should you buy Chinese smartphones

Changes in the market occurred too rapidly. If another year and a half ago, the market had two clear leaders in the face of Apple and Samsung, which tried to compete “all other” after the Chinese vendors have begun to behave more aggressively, the market has seen significant changes. Samsung – and she admitted that was not ready for the success of the Chinese, largely because of loyal to the consumer pricing policy.

However, what is happening now in the Russian market was more than expected. The current direction of development of the industry has determined, oddly enough, availability. In the conditions of unstable exchange rate and jumping for smartphones And brands Huawei and Xiaomi have managed to offer the market a wide range of attractive vehicles at more than reasonable prices, literally not leaving the Russians no choice.

This version is confirmed by Samsung, which holds a significant share of the market only thanks to cheap smartphones. But Apple has a special status. According to many consumers, it is the most preferred brand that sells flagships. If you spend 60 thousand on the purchase of a smart phone, only Apple, believes the majority of wealthy Russians.

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