What’s going on? Russians are actively buying shares of Apple

Shares Of Apple Inc. are among the most popular securities that are actively bought up by the Russians. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the report of TCS Group Holding Plc. Investments in the American company, which recently reached a capitalization of one trillion dollars seems to investors the best way to protect yourself from the weakening of the ruble.

The market of the USA in General is developing much more actively than Russia, says Alexander Emeshev, a representative of TCS Group Holding Plc. It offers a rich selection of fast-growing and highly liquid companies, represented in Russia. Obviously, for investors primarily attractive to foreign players.

Where better to keep the money

The interest of Russian investors in foreign markets can best be seen in the ratio of their investments. According to Emesheva, from about 13 billion rubles, which invested clients TCS, about half divided between foreign companies.

Investments in shares of foreign companies — this is a natural reaction of Russians on the situation in the country, experts surveyed by Bloomberg. Falling interest rates on ruble deposits, the rumors about the imminent devaluation of the domestic currency, and the news of the impending sanctions only strengthen citizens confidence that the money should be stored abroad.

How to buy Apple shares

On the other hand, investing has long ceased to be the lot of the very limited handful of people flowing into the ecstasy of any changes on mysterious schedules. As the proliferation of smartphones began to appear more and more apps that allow a couple of clicks to buy shares of your favorite companies and wait for their growth.

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