What’s going on? Xiaomi smartphones do not even need the Chinese

The decline in sales of the iPhone, which is not without pleasure rassusolivat fans of affordable Android smartphones, was less dramatic than that of Xiaomi. According to research IDC, in the final quarter of 2018, the demand for Xiaomi devices fell by almost 35% compared to the same period of 2017. It turns out that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer does not need even to local consumers, not to mention all the others.

The fall, which tested Xiaomi became the most appreciable not only for the company but for the entire market as a whole. The share of smartphones sold none of the manufacturers did not decline so dramatically and so rapidly. Even Apple, which is usually to blame in every way, lost more than 20% of sales, which, however, practically did not affect its position in terms of revenue of every sold smartphone.

What’s wrong with Xiaomi smartphones

The market has shown that the Xiaomi smartphones are not of interest in the former for most consumers. Boring design of the apparatus main line, a mediocre set of characteristics and the deception that seems to have become a fundamental aspect of the business model of the Chinese. First, the company disgraced with transparent cover Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, then released some raw foods with an imperfect facial recognition system not responding to the Europeans, and then were convicted of spying on users.

2019 for Xiaomi runs the risk of becoming even more disastrous. The company has high hopes for the smartphone-enabled 5G and foldable design, but they are unlikely to return to her former popularity. Obviously, neither the network of the fifth generation or flexible displays will not enjoy properly the demand from consumers, most of whom these technologies are not of particular interest because of their high cost in combination with a dubious prospect.

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