What's happening? Money in games equated to real money

Few people are surprised when a person buys a new house for himself in rubles, dollars or euros, but if he does the same, but, for example, with bitcoins, this event will quickly become one of the main news of the day. Although, it would seem, what's wrong with that? Bitcoin is the same currency used to buy and sell various things. But at the same time, many continue to be very wary of crypto and virtual currencies. At the same time, some players in popular games (including those on iPhone, iPad and Mac) have been successfully selling in-game currency for real money for a long time. It got to the point that large games have their own virtual economies, where (so far tacitly) the rate of the game currency is set to the real one, and even inflation occurs.

Many players spend hours at the computer for a reason

Can you make money selling gold in games?

For example, residents of Venezuela, which has been in an economic crisis for the past 10 years, earn an average of $ 5 per month. Many of them found a way out in the popular online role-playing game RuneScape , where they began to sell in-game currency and exchange it for real money. More and more residents of the country have recently begun to rely on the game as their main source of income: for example, one Venezuelan told Polygon that he made $ 450 from selling gold in RuneScape , and then another $ 1000. This allowed him to transfer his family to Peru.

Another example. World of Warcraft , which is also played by many Mac owners, has developed its own virtual economy over the years. And in 2014-2016 there was real inflation: players got access to easy earnings of in-game gold, which is why the game currency of WoW simply depreciated for almost 2 years. However, by 2018, when gamblers began to run out of gold again, the demand for virtual currency rose again. In this game, gold is everything: you can buy everything you need at the in-game auction, where other players, spending a lot of time, lay out the mined rare items. Yes, just like in the case of regular gold, which in 2020 has risen in price due to increased demand.

Спрос на виртуальную валюту достиг такого уровня, что в некоторых играх она начала стоить даже дороже реальных долларов. Поэтому в Сети быстро получили распространение специальные сайты-биржи , где игроки могут обменивать игровую валюту и предметы на настоящие деньги.

This is what one of the gold exchanges in RuneScape looks like.

Trading is carried out not only in currency – accounts in the same Fortnite for iOS (which, however, is no longer available in the App Store ) sell for several thousand dollars, and an iPhone with the game installed is even more expensive! And someone will buy, because the game economy in Fortnite is getting as close to real as possible. Major tournament winners for this game earn millions of (real) dollars.

Make money on video games

In general, the sale of in-game currency for real money is prohibited by the rules of most online games. At first they tried to fight this, but the supply and demand turned out to be so serious that now passions are boiling on the exchanges of virtual currencies even worse than on real ones. Everything is for sale: gold in RuneScape, rare items in World of Warcraft, and much more. Many players make their living in this way, and those who have enough money do not hesitate to buy in packs of in-game gold, since they make the game easier for themselves. Everyone wins.

Screenshot from RuneScape Mobile

Therefore, one should not assume that modern games have turned into thoughtless runners or three-in-a-row – they are so large that they created a small state inside themselves with their own currency. And even on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, there are games in which the trade in items and gold for real money flourishes. True, in the case of mobile devices, the game currency is often sold by the developer himself (in fact, acting as a large bank) at his own rate. Online games on the desktop are more flexible in this regard and allow you to buy currency on a kind of exchanges, where there is a floating rate and several sellers.

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