What’s inside AirPods Pro? More weight and other batteries

As soon as there is the opportunity to get to the next new product from Apple, whether iPhone, iPad or even a MacBook power supply, the masters of iFixit bring out their tools so we could enjoy not only the design but also the guts of the devices. This allows you to learn many of the settings of the gadget, which Apple said at the presentation (not to stretch the event for a full day). And immediately after the start of sales of AirPods Pro new headphones got to the master on the table.

You will also want to see what’s inside?

In addition to branded interchangeable silicone sleeves for $ 4 for a pair that provide noise isolation and superior fit AirPods Pro, in terms of repair, this is the same story as with the original AirPods — that is, the headphones still completely non-repairable, will have to change to a new one (if you did, please share in our Telegram chat). However, in the process of dismantling the engineers found some significant differences from the AirPods last generation.

What’s new in Pro AirPods

First, each earpiece weighs 5.4 g, which is a third heavier than usual AirPods. New charging case is noticeably wider (though lower) and weighs 45,6 g to 38 g of the case, which comes with the previous AirPods. The right and left headphones are identical, but have different model ID. To open the headphone case only sawn it.

Every time a knife to the heart

The master also found a new battery element (resembles a wristwatch) within each AirPod, earlier headphones were installed other batteries. iFixit notes that it might be the same battery that the Galaxy from Samsung Buds, and it could even be replaced, but Apple is so integrated battery system components that make it impossible.

New batteries — Buds like the Galaxy from Samsung

Why AirPods Pro cannot be repaired

Apple confirms that headphones really can not be repaired. For its part iFixit believes that the wizard can theoretically replace the ear part of the headphones and re-use the original legs, antennas, and microphones, but Apple decided not to do this. And perhaps rightly so — to experiment with a device that is always near the head, not very much.

The main reason AirPods Pro cannot be repaired — all components are held together by means of glue. Among them you can find the antennas and the fee, which is the main chip. Such as the number of components could fit in tiny housings? The success lies in the fact that all the components are too tiny.

All the components (processor, antenna, etc.) on the same Board

According to experts, Apple could increase the battery life AirPods due to the installation of more capacious battery, but the company would have had to do the same “legs” as the original AirPods. In Cupertino sacrificed it for the sake of compactness and weight — large headphones could cause discomfort during extended wear.

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