What’s new camera for iPhone XS/XS, max, samples, sound official

Focused Apple TV in the past years a lot on the camera capabilities of the iPhone, and revealed three iPhones new yesterday: iPhone Xr camera mono, andiPhone Xs xs max Camera Dual 12 maps look the same as the used iPhone X development of specifications, but Apple has contributed to talk about the camera moodily Xs at the announcement yesterday.

Processing capacity

I spoke to Apple about improved image processing thanks to the wizard A12 Bionic the new and improved nervous system which includes 8 cores able to perform 5 trillion operations per second, which is better than the motor nerve with the A11 which was it can make 600 million processed per second; this would improve the experience of augmented reality increases the speed of the speed of image capture and the effort of the central processor.

Features Samrt HDR

Use Smart HDR of several techniques of image signal processor the event processor central the new and advanced algorithms to clearly capture images in high dynamic without showing its artificial.

She pointed the Apple TV to animated elements in HDR be most typically, and depends on the speed of the moving elements in the frame, but Smart HDR aims to fix that; thanks to harness the power of the new image signal processor and a central processor lets you capture moving images without any delay, and this is interesting, I never mentioned that the camera suffers multiple images a moment to click on the Export button.

Allows the therapist A12 Bionic captures 4 frames and the neutral of the scene, with the aim that the outcome shows where the moving element is fixed. While the camera in the same time frames high different exposure levels in order to show the details of light and shadows. At the same time also, the camera captures the image to expose the existence of long to impart greater accuracy to the details of the shadows, though the extent of the excess detail in the latter process varies from one scene to another where it will be useful, significantly in scenes with high contrast is when the lighting highlights and deep shadows. All treatment processes that capture, analyse and report method matching the best parts of the photo bring out the best result occurs without delay once clicking on the Export button as you say Apple.

Shooting in porter

The effect of the Booker – a blur out of focus in the photo, or isolate the background by making it blurry to focus on a specific element in the scene, which is the most important characteristic of picture porter today. To improve recognize the depth of the scene and apply the impact of Booker, the lesson to engineers of Apple recipes a lot of lenses and cameras Standby for the best result, as suggested by the images below.

And another feature, the adjustment on the amount of focus and isolate the background possible after image capture, through the chute trying to change the camera Aperture between f/1.4 where the blur less the background to f/16 where the adds come into focus the page to the least possible.

Saw put porter additional improvements to public of which show color of skin more natural thanks to improve the capacity of the definition of the colors and the flash capabilities and the image signal processor and a central processor new without increase the time to capture the image that is the result of several treatment processes and benefit from Smart HDR to ensure the exposure equal across the frame and reducing noise and white balance.

Photography in low light

Official photos of the iPhone Xs

Is Apple TV a significant improvement on imaging in low light both for still images or videos; thanks to the capacity of your nervous Octa to deliver the results sharp, clean and accurate colors in the lights too dim, and watched Apple TV photos at night it was noted improvement in the monitoring of shadow detail.

A lot of these improvements is the Apple TV provided with a video recording including the definition of colors and improve the accuracy of the display recording stereo sound. But some improvements will be available only when shooting in 4K at 30 under, while the best accuracy of the imaging supports iPhone Xs xs Max is 4K at 60 frame. Participated Apple also samples video iPhone Xs you’ll find it with the audio samples below.

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