What’s new in Season 9 game of building a mobile

Game PUBG MOBILE still held strongly by a large number of players in spite of the arrival of the now seen the ninth as he knows all the players building mobile All Seasons comes with it updates new to the game and also additives many.

What’s new in Caesar the ninth in building mobile

To join Can new you will update The Game One version is 0.14.5 by opening the game and pressing the button Update, when it shows you and then you’ll also need to download the update most of Play Store.

The new update brings the limits of the Event a new name, A warrior’s Journey or the journey of the Warrior which will have many tasks will be for the complete access player on the gifts and add-ons many.

Below we offer them in a discussion of the most important plugins that I got the game:

  • Re-designed page is important page-level Ranking/Missions
  • Temporary descending teach you with Caesar dressing law
  • The possibility of modifying the page الـRoyal Pass in case you don’t
  • The game will remind you of the tasks weekly
  • You can sell الـEmotes your (dance)
  • Discounts on rare items within the game

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