What’s new in system watchOS 6 hours Apple

In the developers conference 2019 Apple unveiled the latest versions of system watchOS which is the previous generation which came of John new wallpapers and apps updated and features my brother’s different in the field of Health and education as well as the first store apps hourly. Expect shot after 3 months. What new detail in this version?

Said Jeff Williams, General Manager, Operations at Apple “has become the Apple Watch an indispensable part in the lives of our customers daily, they help them to stay connected to other people and provide them with important information about them, it helps to live in a better way, we have committed ourselves to help users manage their health and fitness better through the use of powerful new tools can be controlled and customized to fit their needs.

The time of launch and are compatible with this release

Detected issue watchOS 6 at the WWDC conference 2019, and became the beta version available to developers. Would Apple release a public version for this version such as iOS, so if you don’t have a developer account, then you have to wait until the launch of the official version often will be in September next sync with the launch of the system iOS 13.

This version is compatible with all versions of clocks that support the previous release watchOS 5. Any running this version:

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 1

With the exception of the Apple Watch the original.

App Store Apple Watch

The biggest feature coming for Apple Watch is the app store of its own without having to the iPhone. Where you can now search in this store for any apps you want using your voice, or writing on the screen or through Siri and then installed directly on the coast. This will save space on the iPhone, and can restrict the services and apps on your wrist only, rather than replicated across the two devices.

It will come with the system watchOS 6 three new apps namely:

Apple Books, which lets you listen to audio books using Bluetooth headset instead of the reading of the former.

◉It will come with the system application of voice memos, so that you can take audio notes directly to the coast rather than the iPhone.

◉ Apply the bus officially for the first time on the coast.

There will also be another new feature, a tool that enables you to calculate bills or etc etc with ease.

Voice broadcast

Will be provided previous user interface audio playback of music, radio and podcasts through the internet.

Hearing health

Will contain the version of the new feature that can listen to what you hear and let you know whether the decibel levels too high may damage your hearing or not.

The World Health Organization says that exposure for four hours per week for more than 90 decibels can affect your hearing over time. This new feature will monitor the sound of the ocean you and alerts you when approaching the level of danger to the health of your ears.

And Apple also won’t be recording any voices, but will monitor only units DB not even be a concern for your privacy and explained that the analysis the intensity of the sound will be on the coast and not on Apple servers. Any will not be recorded and to transfer any sounds to the company’s servers.

The duties of the former

Will contain the new version on the new interfaces, and the labels such as “disk of the sun, and California, numbers, etc.

Also the update includes the new feature “precision” or taptic, and this will lead to clicking silently on your wrist all hours throughout the day to help you keep track of time, and you can customize it like cancel it or make it louder.


For water health, there’s this new thing called activity trends. It’s a way to show off your fitness data over time, and give you compare the last 90 days the previous year. And if you start your activity levels to fall over time, you will be able to advise you on what you can do to get back on track.

It will enable women to track menstrual cycle for hours them through the application Cycle Tracking.

Come the same functionality to the Health app on iPhone. This non-development periods, fertility, or the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

What do you think about the features of the previous New? And you’re hoping the existence of the feature again? Tell us in the comments.



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