What’s new in the first beta version of iOS 12.1

First beta version iOS 12.1, which was released only a day after the release of iOS 12, though can not boast an abundance of new features, still contains a number of noteworthy innovations. Something interesting appeared in the current beta build of iOS 12.1 — read the material AppleInsider.ru.

As it turned out, not all innovations in iOS 12.1 are available to owners of existing devices. Of the functionality, apparently, is for gadgets, the release of which remains in the future, which, however, does not make the update less remarkable.

New iOS 12.1 beta 1

  • Group calls to FaceTime;
  • Emoji synchronization between devices via iCloud (function hidden);
  • Interpretation of voice calls to text messages (the function is hidden);
  • Support face detection in a horizontal orientation.

iPad Pro with Face ID to be

The latest innovation, unfortunately, is not running on compatible iPhone, and hence is intended for the iPad Pro. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith explained this by the fact that the horizontal identification requires changes to the current layout of the sensors responsible for the detection.

When I imagine the iPad Pro with Face ID

It is expected that the release of the new Apple tablet will be held in October. This, in particular, indicates software code iOS 12.1. Along with the iPad Pro to be held the presentation of the budget MacBook with screens at least 13 inches and support identification by fingerprint.

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