What’s new in the fourth beta version of iOS is 12?

Less than two weeks after the second version -see this article– Apple has updated the iOS 12 trial version to the fourth version of the developers (which is equivalent to the second in the public version will be issued soon) comes the update a lot of changes in terms of performance and some improvements in benefits design. In this article we review the new in iOS 12 trial version the fourth.

What’s new in the fourth beta version of iOS is 12?

If you want the experience to install iOS 12 you can read this article

Focused update of the demo of the second clock to repair a large number of problems as explained previously -this link – as well as continued to the current version This is in addition to the advantages new. Highlighted changes are as follows:


Proposals and suggestions: after doing the update to show you Apple’s suggestions to activate the Automatic Update feature as well as is to clarify that the transfer of the Control Centre in the iPad (if your iPad) and is shown by the top right; it also explains Apple’s advantages, such as “screen time” and others. Strange that this logic was in the first beta version, but Apple added in the fourth that means they may be basic guidelines that will appear after you upgrade to iOS 12 in the future.


Performance: the note a significant improvement in the performance of hand graphics where it became a series as well as the application Safari that browsing sites quick and without chopping. But in terms of the system itself, Apple said that there are some problems which are known to have such as the possibility of failure to install a new application and promised to solve it in the next updates.


Modifications in the design: Apple has make slight modifications in design or the so-called English-tweaked the detonation where the Modify icon of the broadcast AirPlay and other adjustments in the design of some icons where modified Apple icon 1x/2x famous and Private to control the size of the app so when you open the Apply iPhone on the iPad. As well as the icon of the information that appears in a number of applications such as software store and local; in the former it was “i” now became “…” any sign of the three points of the famous.


Order consumption of the internet: and finally added Apple this feature after years of waiting. Currently in iOS 11 when you go to the network and want to find out which apps consumes more internet was a list appear in alphabetical order, we have to search. But yesterday I finally proposed to Apple that the reason for going to this place is that we want to know more applications consuming internet just.


Improvements in money: those who have the iPhone X and are waiting for the money modified in iOS 12 did Apple make improvements such as adding more forms of the lips as well as improvements on the “flying ear” for women.


Stickers activity: Apple has developed a number of posters or stickers in the messages application reflects the activity carried out by as in the following picture:


Naming voice memos: previously, Apple suggests you label your notes and audio will be recorded based on your location or Sign In number; but in the last update made by Apple is a combination of any Delivery based on your location and date with.


To improve search store: search store software shows you the developers next to the app and any if wrote Apple you will find the results for the applications bear the name of Apple as well as developer Apple itself and even articles also.


Details about the applications: added Apple’s new feature within the Application “screen time” that we talked about in detail in a previous article –this link– feature is that when you see the list of applications, the most time-consuming can by clicking on any of them to know details such as the name of the developer and classification age no. This command is useful when you monitor the apps their children because, of course, will not stimulate all the names of the apps and games their own and have developed.

Watch a video review of the new features:

Another video for the update but it focuses mainly on the problems which still continues for those who wish to know:

Although this is a demo version of the operating system iOS 12 but it is still in its infancy, and developed improvement, but it has gained a positive reputation. Find ignores the problems that run Apple on its improvement and its consequences, except that he achieved it for the major improvement in the speed of the device compared to issue iOS 11.

This is not all about iOS 12 There are still risks and problems are fixed, we recommend that you upgrade now and we need patience so that the system more and more.

Did you install iOS 12 on your device? And what problems you encountered? Tell us in the comments…


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